to buy or not buy... omg is aarti actually in love with a coach bag?!

  1. i go to woodbury commons and after i buy my ponytail scarf i see this cute little black leather satchel. it was TOO cute. and it did have contrasting stitching but it was like white and then also this icy light blue. it was TDF. what wasnt tdf was the price, i think 318 the lady mumbled.. ive never liked a coach bag enough to buy it, i always stick to the accessories. but i really do like this bag, but i dont know if its worth it, like i was going to buy this bv satchel for 299, but i couldnt get there in time tonight, so i dont think their still holding it for me.. but anyway ahhh i dont know what to do.:shrugs: its a very sporty looking bag, a satchel thats black with silver hardware.. should i pass this? or snatch it up?
  2. I saw it there on Wednesday (drove there from Staten Island with my mom because there was nothing else to do in the heat besides shop!), I really like it, but I really don't like the price either, maybe you could wait and see if it goes on clearance? (when I was there the SA was telling me how the patchwork bags went on sale that day) But if you're in love with it and can't stop thinking about it, then get it.

    That whole store seemed to be on the pricey side, at least more than the outlet that I go to in Tennessee.
  3. should i buy it and then not use it:wtf: till labor day? i could use my new longchamp till then?:girlsigh:
  4. anyone know if its a factory bag or from a different season?
  5. Do you have a pic of it aarti? I can't picture which bag you're talking about so I probably won't be much help otherwise =(

    PS - what longchamp bag did you get?? I just bought one too! LOL!
  6. I wish I could get up there to see it.

    Nope, you use both I love my longchamp and use it off and on! How could you leave the new one in the closet. Buy it and enjoy but only if you wake up and can't get it off of your mind. Who knows you may go to pick it up and no longer want it.
  7. Oh, I know what you are talking about. I love that bag!
  8. i got the smaller sized tote with long handles in that mustard yellow- sounds bad here but the colour is TDF! what about you?
  9. I am heading out there this week sometime. My vacation plans were cancelled so a relaxing time at home with some shopping is the plan!

    I hope they have some great stuff left. And no the color doesn't sound terrible can you post a pic?

    I liked the swing pack in black with the white stitching. It was in the back of the store a few weeks ago, the pebble tote, and the older wristlets that can be used as makeups (larger bottom). If some of those were left I know I will walk out with something.
  10. That is one of my favorite styles aarti!! It is CLASSIC! go for it! you could just hold onto it for a month if you're worried about the price.
  11. i dont mind spending that much, but i never have on coach, but if its a classic.. maybe i should skip the mj hobo for a while and just go witht his one?
  12. I would skip the mj for now only because its pretty heavy without putting your stuff in it. But...they are both really nice and think the style you pick will be around for a long time.