to buy now or not to buy?

  1. Hi I'm new to this forum and also to LV. I used to stock up on Coachs but after the first LV :heart: I'm pretty much addicted. The problem is, my moms birthday is at the end of October and shes been wanting the Epi Leather Speedy 30 (in black). I want to get her that for her birthday but the price just went up ! :wtf:

    Although it doesn't seem like a lot, for me (I'm just 17 and starting college soon) a bag (or any item) over $900 is a LOT of money. I didn't even know when LVs prices go up until yesterday when I read some of the topics here!

    So to the LV experts, should I buy the Epi Leather Speedy 30 now at $930 or at October ? I'm working right now and using all my paychecks to pay for this. Will the price continue to go up? :crybaby:

    And I feel stupid to ask this but any chances of the price decreasing? So buy now or not buy it and wait until October? Hopefully price won't increase anymore. Thanks!
  2. Sorry, LV NEVER has sales, discounts or decreases for us addicts. Since there was just a price hke yesterday, you could save until Oct. and buy it then.
  3. The only way the price could decrease is if the US dollar performs outstandingly. And sorry, but I can't see that happening between now and October! You can always try eBay...but if you want to buy it from LV, I think it's better to buy now! You never know, there could be another price increase in oct :p

    And what a sweet daughter you are!
  4. Are the chances high that the price of epi leather to increase again from now until october? I'm still a few hundred dollars short to buy it now ... but I don't want to wait until October and have to pay an extra $100 or something. Since it just went up $40 two days ago. :'(
  5. i dont think u can compare LV to a lot of other brands since LV never decreases and never goes on sale. in fact sooner you get it the better...prices only increase...they dont decrease
  6. i don't think they have price hikes more than 1x a year... or do they? anyway, just save up for now. and then when there a price increase gossip starts, buy it!

    you're really sweet buying that for your mom. good luck saving!
  7. its unlikely that there will be a price decrease anytime soon. so i would save up to buy the bag or give your mom a gift card/store credit.