To buy full price or to not buy full price...

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  1. I've been through many Mulberrys and love my current collection, but I've always bought in the sale (I just dread to see anything I've bought hundreds cheaper down the line!). But (even though I'm not keen on a lot of the new designs) I'm really loving the new postman's clutch! Looks spacious and very well organised and I love that it's leather lined.

    Is this bag likely to be a core design and so ages until it ends up in the sale, if it does?

    I may be getting a bit ahead of myself as have just spent £1500 in the sale and would probably have to wait 3 months before I can budget another purchase. Are there any other full-price-phobiacs who have bought full price and does it feel worth it to have what you want sooner?
  2. I wanted to buy sth in the sale, saw the postman clutch and bought that full price instead of a sale item. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time, easy to wear and very nicely organised. :cool:
    Wouldn't have caved for sth double the price though. But if I know I will love it I prefer to buy sth full price than sth that may be half off (and the same price) just because I "save" a lot of money.
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  3. If there's something I really want I pay full price. I don't think it's worth gambling to see if its in the sale later in the year, and unless a style's being discontinued altogether the reductions aren't massive anyway. As we've seen some of the bags sold in the sale are returns which are marked or less than perfect. Chances are if you like it, lots of other people will and it'll sell out anyway.
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  4. I think that's very sound advice. If you love it, buy it.,
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  5. #5 Jun 20, 2016
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    I agree with this! If there's something I love I won't risk waiting to see if it will make an appearance in the sale. I used to try and wait for the sales, only to find the item I wanted didn't make it due to selling out etc. That, and as I've learnt, the quality of the stock they have left might be less than perfect.
  6. Thanks ladies, think I'll get one as soon as my bag funds replenish! It seems to be a popular bag already and I want the oxblood which seems to be becoming a core colour so it's probably not worth waiting. Especially after ogling at some RL pics of the clutch on this forum :smile:
  7. Yes I saw pictures of a very nice clay one, nearla convinced me to change up the colour, definitely convinced me to get that clutch (instead of delphie magic mushroom). :heart::biggrin::heart:
    I may post some of my soon-to-be black one. The package should arrive this week, depending on UPS.
  8. I saw the Delphie clutch, the postman's clutch seems more spacious and has more organisation to it, whereas the Delphie just has one little pocket. It does make the postman's clutch seem really good value for money. Would love to see pics of yours Mintfox :smile:
  9. That reflects exactly my thinking.
    The Postman`s clutch seems like much more for a bag. I also prefer the fixing of the chain straps (looks more durable), and it`s fully leather lined instead of microfibre. Furthermore, in my opinion the less envelope-like flap looks much more sophisticated and classic, but still edgy enough (more edgy even than on other classic flap bags :amuse:).

    What I adore are the "new" screw heads (rounded without a spit head on the outside) and how the gold (somehow matte?) hardware pops against the black and the oxblood, which would have been my second choice, but wouldn`t go as well with my wardrobe.
    I will do a reveal as soon as I get the bag :smile:...
  10. If you think you might make a few full price purchases over time, bear in mind the shareholder discount option - which gives you 20% off (in store only, not valid on sale items). I think you need to own 250 shares to qualify, but could be mistaken...

    Details will be on the website under investor relations or similar, or you could just google it!
  11. You're right on the number of shares Skater, though it's also worth noting, not all bags are included in the discount even at full price. Also not all stores offer the discount. It isn't valid at the outlets or online and there is always the potential that the discount will be removed, which has certainly been mentioned as a possibility recently. There is also a ceiling to the value of bags you can purchase in a year and you are only allowed to purchase goods for yourself, as this 'perk' can be removed if your are found to be purchasing discounted bags for others.
    At today's share price 250 ordinary shares would be in the region of £2,550.

    "Shareholders can benefit from a 20% discount in the following stores: New Bond Street, London; Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London; Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London; 38 Floral St, London; Westfield Stratford City, Montfitchet Rd, Olympic Park, London; Spinningfields Shopping Centre, Manchester; 26 Multrees Walk, Edinburgh; Unit 2, 204-207 Ingram St, Glasgow; 3/5 County Arcade, Leeds; 207 Rue St Honore, Paris; PC Hooftstraat 46, Amsterdam.

    Please note that 20% discount is permitted on up to £10,000 of product per annum (net of discount). A valid discount card must be presented at the time of purchase. Sale items are excluded. Shareholder discount is not available at for online purchases. Shareholders are required to hold a minimum of 250 shares. Cards are renewed annually in April to shareholders with at least 250 shares on 31 March...."
  12. Great info, Moo! Didn't they reduce the maximum to £5k of product per annum though?

    Interesting re: types of bag - are there restrictions now? I always thought it was anything full price. I've used my discount, ahem, "a few times" :graucho: and it has always worked...

    Anyway, only really worth it if buying a lot of M product, or you are happy to buy shares as an investment. I got lucky and bought mine at a low price a couple of years ago (pure luck, I am not an expert investor!)
  13. Absolutely right Skater. Apologies. I cut and pasted the info from my broker's website and didn't actually pay that much attention (that will teach me). They clearly haven't updated their info. Here is the updated info from Mulberry as opposed to anywhere else...

    Yes, definitely not allowed on certain bags. The willow was exempt and when I enquired about the Roxette that wasn't included, though it may well be now. :oh: