To buy at Balenciciaga store or Barney's,etc?

  1. I am just really confused here! In your opinion where is it best to purchase Bbags? Which store will repair your bag if something happens? Which store will give you extra tassels if you need new ones- or can you purchase them? Can you please share pro's and cons with the experience you have had? Thank you!
  2. Well, for me, I would rather buy from Barney's or Saks as their return policy is more lenient. As far as repairs, you can still take it to the Balenciaga boutique even if you purchased it from other certified retailers. Balenciaga boutiques usually stock the basic color tassles such as black, brown etc.
  3. I'm from Canada and I had a good experiene with the NY Balenciaga store. I ordered a Black City and a Black First from them right before they closed. I knew they hadnt processed the order yet so that night I called and left a voicemail cancelling th Black First because I decided to purchase an old one from Sweetsparkle.

    Well I just got my shipment and obviously they did not listen to my message and lo and behold, they shipped and charged me for the First as well! In addition, I had to pay for $370 in duty! I was pissed of course, so I called them up immediately. They gave me no hassle whatsoever, I will ship the bag back to them COD get refunded for bag and they will dispute the duty charges with UPS. So even though they made a mistake, they gave me no hassle whatsoever to return the bag and get refunded!

    So long story short, department stores have great return policies but I really liked the service at Balenciaga. I dont think you can go wrong iether way. But if you want a longer window where you can return for a full refund then go with the department stores. Also they take longer for repairs I find so both have their good and bad sides.
  4. I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus. But I would also buy from Aloha Rag and Balenciaga NY. NM and B NY I know stand behind their products, and if something went wrong, they would either fix it and I know NM would just return it or replace it if possible. I also like to buy from NM or Barneys and even Aloha Rag because if I don't like it, I am not stuck with a store credit.
  5. I purchased both of my balenciagas at the NY store and haven't had any issues with it. If you know for a fact that they have a bag you want and you're not going to change your mind, go for it. The associates I have dealt with have been friendly and I love how they package my new bag.

    However if you are not sure you are going to like something. I would call up Barneys or Neimans because you can actually return the bag to them. You only get store credit at Balenciaga NY for the first 10 days.
  6. I think both scenarios have pros and cons...I bought a Work bag from Barneys because I wasn't sure the size/no shoulder strap would work for me (it didn't). So, I could return it. But, I also bought 3 other bags from the BalNY store because they had more colors in stock and more to choose from -- and, I got free shipping and no tax which can add up on those bags! So, if you're sure you're going to like it, and you live outside of NY, you may want to consider getting it from BalNY to save a couple hundred bucks.
  7. Thanks to everyone- this has been so helpful to me!!!
  8. For me, I like to buy it from Balenciaga NY since I live in CA, I don;t have to pay taxes.
  9. I've only got one B-bag and I ordered it over the phone from Balenciaga in NY. It was a wonderful experience!
  10. I agree with print* NYC phone order was a breeze. There is a Barneys where I live but they did not have the cornflower blue Twiggy I wanted.
  11. Definitely Balenciaga store. The service is excellent and so far, my 2 phone orders with Joseph were a breeze. Barney's has the WORST cusomer service IMO. I returned a bag 3 weeks ago because it was damaged and they still havent credited my account as of today (!). I've left voicemails to the manager and no one has bothered to even return my calls. Very surprising and disappointing considering this is Barney's. Oh well...
  12. if you live out of state, bal store is good bc no taxes, if you are really unsure about your purchase, barneys is better bc you can get a full refund and not a store credit if you return.
  13. I had a huge problem with the NY Balenciaga store. I was waiting for a caramel balenciaga bag to come in. I was on the waiting list for several months. I called them periodocally to check in. I look at my credit card statement and I see a charge from Balenciaga. I call them to ask why there is a charge from them and they told me the bag arrived and they charged me, 4 weeks ago and NO ONE CALLED ME!! I check m voicemail. They had my cell, home phone and if it laying there for a month without trying to contact me. I got my balenciaga in France. There is also a great selection in Barneys . I delt with Barneys in NYC and they were wondeful. They made an effort to call me when the bags I needed came in and they have a great selection of balenciagas.

  14. I agree with you, Barney's customer service is the WORST one. I called them many times, they transferred phone to the store, she made me wait forever and .....cut it off. I had to make the special trip to the store to talk to the Manager. This time worked.
  15. ^^^ I didnt even go into the nasty details of the episode I had with them. But the short of it is one of the SA's at the handbag department didnt know the answers to my questions so she hung up on me. Twice. Unbelievable. Of course I get upset and I ask to speak to the manager. For for some "unexplainable" reason, the line gets "cut" again. I finally get the manager on the phone and she screams at me in defense of the SA. Phew. That's the END of Barney's for me :mad: and I don't care how good a selection they have - a place like that deserves no business from me :mad: (again)