To buy a scale or to not?

  1. I am trying to figure out if i should buy a scale. I really would like to see how i'm doing on losing weight. what do u think? should i get one? and if so..any suggestions on what to buy?

    thanks in advance!
  2. You should get one. Even the most basic one will help you keep track of weight loss.
  3. ok thanks...maybe i'll look today.
  4. I bought one a few years ago from Restoration Hardware. I used to weigh myself a lot, but I put it away about three years ago.

    If you do decide to buy one, I'd look for one that is really accurate and has easy to read numbers.
  5. I depends...are you lifting or just doing cardio? If you're lifting, weighing yourself might discourage you. Some people want to see a tangible numerical loss, whereas when lifting, you're building muscle AND losing fat, but since muscle weighs more than fat you won't see a huge decrease, and sometimes, might even see and increase. If you're doing only cardio, then you should see an actual numerical loss.
    Still, I'd just pay attention to how my clothes fit and how you feel. Sometimes people get too wrapped up in numbers and goals and that cause cause unreasonable expectations and frustration when those numbers aren't met.
  6. I agree with charles, i threw away my scales a few years ago, seeing the number goes up and down was driving me nuts! just measure yourself with how the outfit feels on your body, it's so much better!
  7. yeah...thanks charles and juicy...that's what i'm scared of. i don't want to be obessed with numberical loss. i'm tryin to do both cardio and weight lifting for toning. i'll try to measure and see how that works out. time to find my tape measure. :wondering
  8. I agree...I don't have a scale either, I just go on how clothes fit me. It has never really bothered me. If I really needed to know how much I weighed, I figure I could just use the one at the gym.:p

  9. Tape measure is great, and it can be reassuring if you are working out and the number on the scale goes up. You should be able to find one at any fabric store.
  10. I am so terrified to know my weight (and really don't know it) :lol: simply because I know the numbers would drive me bonkers and consume my life. Like Charles, I judge by how my clothes feel! Good luck!
  11. I didn't have a scale for a long time, in fear that it would drive me crazy. Everytime I went to my parents house I would jump on theirs right when I walked in the door. I would say if you aren't overweight and don't need to lose weight, don't do it. Especially since you can go up and down 5 pounds in just a day! I think a good judge of it is how your clothes fit you. If they feel tight, it's time to lose some. If not, you're doing good.
  12. I do both measurements and the scale. Sometimes the scale doesn't move but the measurements are smaller. Sometimes the measurements don't change but the scale does.
  13. I think trying for a certain weight can be very 'damaging'. Personally, I skip the scale and go by the way you look and feel. Forget about clothes sizes as well...just go by your own personal healthy size for your body type and height.
    good luck!!
  14. I have one but I did resist for the longest time. I think its more about how you are feeling and how your clothes are fitting you than the number on the scale.
  15. And as you can see I also have a scale in my little profile thing however its not doing much to motivate me to lose the weight I put on this year in grad school lol! I probably could have used the money for the scale to go towards somethign better