to buy a damier pochette or not to buy a damier pochette...

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  1. i have been wanting one for so long but i keep getting discouraged by family and friends; they keep saying that it will always look fake because i'm asian (filipino ...i don't take this too personally, the people who say it are filipino themselves LOL) and that it's too small for anything. time for some convincing please? :P PROS and CONS P&TY :heart:
  2. haha all those things friends are saying are just unreasonable stereotypes. there may be fakes in asia (there are fakes everywhere, btw), but asia is also the largest market for luxury retailers;) being an asian girl myself, i definitely think its all about the way you carry yourself. if the way you carry yourself fits, no one would ever think you're wearing a fake=)

    as for the pochette itself. personally, i prefer a bag like eva. i think its a little more stylish and also has more room.
  3. It would never occur to me to question a bag's authenticity based on the ethnicity or race of the owner. I go by the whole package (clothing nice or threadbare, shoes worn down or not, etc.).

    Even that attitude is wrong though, I don't care a lot about clothes and shoes myself and I'm sure I'll get "escorted" out of LV if I ever go in there because I don't look like I have the money to buy anything!
  4. I prefer an Eva too. You will know gthat you're not carrying a fake and that's all that matters!Bad comments will occur all over the world! GL!
  5. My story: I posted my collection on the LV facebook group and some stupid woman wrote a comment: 'China are full of fakes!'
    Based on what? Because I had an obviously chinese name =____=
    Debate went on, she lost because she was obviously stupid and narrow minded
    Conclusion: I was proud of my authentic bags =) Carry it with pride and no one will dare question its authenticity! (OK I know some people will, but hey we can't be worrying about all stupid people in the world could we?)

    Enjoy the bag, I think it's really cute!
  6. I think you will have more use out of the Eva than a pochette. It's more elegant than a pochette which I think is overpriced for a small piece of canvas. I have seen people using the Eva as a make-up pouch or an evening out bag. It's much more versatile.

    As for the fake comment, I would just ignore it.
  7. I love my Damier Ebene pochette and carry it alone or in another bag just about everyday. It holds my lipsticks, hairbrush, Iphone and zippy wallet easily, you need one!