To buy a chanel while collecting Hermès

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Would you buy a Chanel while collecting Hermès?

  1. No, I wouldn't

  2. Yes, I would

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  1. Hello lovely members I would like to know if you would buy a chanel bag (a black classic bag medium size) while collecting Hermès bags and why?
  2. I bought the classic in beige...while collecting hermes at the same time. i always liked the 2.55 and i bought pre price increase. since its smaller than my other H bags ( its a medium and my H bags are 35-40) its a good bag for evening but I admit it's abit of a regret purchase and although I will use it, it pales in comparison next to my H bags. I'd rather wait out for a birkin in 30 or kelly 32 instead of buying the chanel now...
  3. :heart::heart::heart:Hermes,but sometimes I find my Chanel bag looks great with my outfit,too;)
  4. Probably not BUT (you know there is always a but with me) -- if your H's are all larger birkins or kellys, then yes, I would consider the m/l. I have to agree with pepsimax that I find Chanels sometimes is the touch to the outfit that I'm looking for.

    A few additional thoughts if I may: I would not pay the current price and it would be lambskin. It is the go to for weddings, funerals, more formal events. There is no place that particular purse can't go and look chic.

    But if you are truly only into Hermes there is the medor clutch and if you can find one, a Kelly pochette that looks divine -- am thinking black box leather.
  5. jmen Thanks for your reply. I already own a black lizard Kelly pochette PH ( post n.55), that I love, but sometimes when I need to have my hands free it is a little bit uncomfortable. I also like lambskin for Chanel and I'm in doubt because of the price for a bag that is not Hèrmes since I'm also planning to buy a sellier kelly 28 or 32 in the next future. I think that the Chanel could work for the occasions when my hermès don't work. But I'm so in doubt...
    pepsimax thanks, I also think that sometime a Chanel could look good with my outfit..
    pianoprincess thanks for your contribution, to regret buying is exactly what I want to avoid..
  6. I said yes dating especially to a black channel since I have a 2.55 in black and white they serve very different purposes to Hermes they have a certain something. I think it's just the general chain look I personally do not love shoulder bags, so I wear it with the chains tied inside like a small clutch like you would wear a Kelly pochette, and it turns out it's wonderful because it does the cocktail dress wonderfully, and the jeans and sequin blouse look a lot better. plus I get the ease of not having to care for it so much at theese events.and I get the one thing I love and must have on my handbags if possible, leather lining I do not love love love suede or canvas interiors so leather is the best lining and chanel does it so !!!!! I would go for it .hope it Birkel.
  7. Dear Birkel, thanks for your contribution always very welcome. I'm happy that there are a few members here that are not against or not completely against a chanel, because my DH doesn't like it but I like it somehow..:P
  8. If you like the Chanel look, yes. I don't think that Hermes is a complete substitute for everything. There is really to me no H bag that does what a 2.55 does totally. So if that's the look you want, you shouldn't feel that you have to limit yourself only to one brand.
    During the height of my H collection I felt that only H would do, but I don't feel that way any more. I haven't bought others, but I would certainly not hesitate to do so if I feel that it is something I couldn't find in H.
  9. Thanks dear Tamarind you are right it is exactly how I feel, I feel that since I'm collecting Hermès I can't buy something "less" or different than Hermès, but this is not a right feeling since you are right Hermès is not a complete substitute for everything..thanks
  10. Yes, I would, and do! Hermes is undoubtedly the top of the line, but Chanel fills a certain style that is unique to the brand. Just as there is nothing like the classic Kelly, there is no substitute for the classic Chanel flap. As far as brand loyalty goes, isnt developing your own personal style about finding which styles work for you, and mixing and matching those? ;)
  11. Thanks, you are completely right, I'm so happy I started this thread..:yahoo:
  12. I buy whatever makes me happy. Just because I love H doesnt mean I wont consider another brand. I love some Chanel styles, I love some Alaia bags too. That being said, I think that if it is something you get enjoyment from and it will fit in well with your closet/style, why not? Enjoy!
  13. I began with Chanel many many years ago, (late 80s). Please don't think I brag when I confess that I have reissues, e/ws, medium flaps in various sizes and skins. I prefer lamb, so sensual but I digress. I wanted to cite an example of when Chanel trumps H for me. In the winter DH and I were invited to a dinner party -- and to set the stage -- we transplanted from DC region to W.Va -- a more rural locale where peeps don't really get dressed up. I wore a dressy Chanel sweater, black slacks and a red east west Chanel flap (the '05 coveted red that is TDF). Anywho the red was just the little pop of color -- not too dressy but not a fabric sack that I see way too many of out here.

    When I said not to buy new, take your time and look for a minty black lamb. I can't imagine you would ever have a regret. The older ones are better made and that's not just group speak. A few years ago I bought a newer flap and something seemed off about it. It finally hit me to pull my old one out and sit them side by side and noted the various differences. I posted those differences on the forum -- and returned the new bag. (Nno offense to those of you who are buying new. Chanel is not banking on you having the benefit of a side by side comparison and spotting those differences. )
  14. amberle let us know what you end up getting.
    I am toying with the idea of a Chanel myself, though I haven't done anything about this thought.
  15. I started collecting Chanel a few years ago too (actually before I got hooked on H). I have more than 25 Chanel flaps, evening bags, WOCs and seasonal bags now. I still love them and like the others feel that there is always a place for Chanel in a fab gal's closet. There are times when only a Chanel will do so yes, I also voted for you to go for it. However, as others have also noted, the quality has gone down drastically while the price has increased. Because of this, I have not purchased a Chanel anything over the past few years. It is just too risky. Thank goodness I finished my collection before it got too bad. Good luck with your purchase though. Hope you get a keeper! :smile: