To buff or polish a Rolex?

  1. There are some minor scratches on my 4 year old lady datejust and was thinking of having it buffed. But I heard that buffing thins the metal out. If I have it polished, will it slightly remove the scratches? Is there a difference between buffing and polishing anyway? LOL Im clueless.
  2. I'm not sure. I just sent mine out to have it buffed/polished band was a mess. I also needed my diamonds cleaned and checked.
  3. Polishing can make some scratches less noticeable but not make them disappear entirely. Buffing it definitely thins the metal, but not significantly. You wouldn't notice it. Then again, you shouldn't be buffing it every month or so cause then you'd see it! :p

    If it really bothers you, you could have it serviced by Rolex. They have to be serviced every 5 years or so anyway, so you shouldn't worry :smile: I should mention that when there were some very minor scratches on my Rolex, hubby buffed them out himself with a 3M sponge! :wtf: If you're brave enough to do it yourself, you should go to and do research there. They have a lot of info and recommendations on cleaning/buffing your own watches. HTH!
  4. OOOhhhh!!! Thanks a lot for the info!!!:yahoo: