to bow satchel experts: scratches on hardware?

  1. Hi ladies! I just received my black bow satchel and there are slight scratches on the hardware, particularly on the hardware on the base of the handle (not on the ring but on the solid round dot). Does the handbag usually come with a few scratches on the hardware? And does the hardware get scratched easily anyway? I would appreciate any opinions and advice. Thanks in advance!!! I think the black bow satchel is completely sold out, so I don't think I can exchange it for another one!
  2. Maybe you could post photos of the scratches so memebers here could help and give their comments?
  3. hi handbagangel, i tried to take some pictures, but the scratches don't show up on them haha. i'm thinking it will get scratched with wear and tear, but the scratches are on the backside of the handbag, the side where it'll touch my body, so it won't get scratched there anyway. am i confusing anyone? haha