To block or not to block?

  1. I have a bag up for bid now, not even a terribly expensive bag, one I have listed at what I consider to be a great price. I initially listed it with a BIN $25 over the starting bid. A buyer bid on the bag, thus cancelling the BIN. Then this buyer emails me and makes me an offer of $50 less than the BIN (plus no shipping) on the bag. I'm like...weeeell, you just bid at the starting price...why should I now cut a deal? I refused to lower the price, especially because the bag has a number of other watchers. The buyer (zero feedback btw, who I can usually work with) emails me back today with a long rant about how she's a "serious eBayer" and she doesn't have time to play these bidding games, most sellers make second chance offers anyway, why won't I just sell her the bag now? She just doesn't seem to understand that she's already agreed to pay a higher price for the bag :rolleyes: I've never had to block anyone before - should this be my first time?
  2. Oh, plus she alludes to her long history on eBay - she's a new buyer! Is she one who perhaps ran another account into the ground with negatives and is now starting up a new account?
  3. By all means. She sounds like trouble in the making. :tdown:
  4. This woman may become a pain in the butt! I would send her a response letting her know that she has already bid and that by doing so she has agreed to pay the higher price. See what she says. If she isn't getting it or gets lippy block her. These people tend to be the ones who after getting their item claim that it isn't as described, or not authentic. But I wouldn't block her until you see what her response is. Is she new to eBay? What is her feedback like?
  5. She has no feedback and she is new to eBay, but in her second message she claims that she's bought on ebay before. Which makes me think that she's had to start a new eBay id for some reason.

    The bag actually has another bid from a perfectly legit ebayer who I've worked with before, so I'm just going to block this gal. Trying to get me to sell the bag outside of eBay by bullying me just smacks of a scam. Even if not, she's already a headache and there are millions of other buyers out there!
  6. ohhhhh, I didn't understand the part where she wants you to sell it outside of ebay! Now I get it! yeah, block her, then report her for asking you to do that! It is against ebay policy!!!
  7. She sounds like trouble to me - block her.
  8. i would rather deal with a buyer i have dealt with before than a ebayer with 0 feedback and is already bothering me...block her
  9. Yes I think you should block her and deal with a buyer you have dealt with before.
  10. I would block her immediately. I block people all the time, especially the ones who ask stupid questions without reading the auction first.
  11. Ladies, the plot thickens!!! I blocked this user, as suggested, but I think that she opened up a new userid and bid again! I suspect this because the new high bidder's user id is VERY similar to the one I just blocked, almost identical in fact. Should I block this one too?? Will I ever be RID of this woman?
  12. Yep block her too!!! then see what happens. I am assuming that she will realize that you are on to her and back off. Although you know what the say about assuming....
  13. ^^^Yeah, and you know what they say about's a big PITA, lol!!
  14. I agree with that as well. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. But then I get a great buyer who does everything as they are supposed to. I make a great sale, and all is good in the world! :p
  15. Well, she's blocked, AGAIN, hopefully for the last time! And I know what you mean, aemmy, I've actually met some really great people through ebay, and 95% of the time everything goes well. It just so happens that the 5% that goes awry can get reeeeaaally annoying.