To bid or not to bid...

  1. it's cute, but what can it really hold? it is a good price, though!
  2. This is what I always think when I see them.
  3. Nice patina, but I think my wallet is bigger than this bag! :smile:
  4. Oh, I'm totally just getting it for the cuteness factor... I just don't know how much these normally go for used and there aren't many on eBay so I wanted to know what you all thought about the price.
  5. that works! the price is good! maybe you can use it to hit the club or the bar???
  6. That's what I'm thinking! :yes:
  7. Not a bad price IMO.:smile:
  8. Cute, but not much of a use...for going out why don't get an accessories pouch??? Then at least you could use it more often
  9. The price is good, but the condition of the handles are a bit dark for my taste. My daughter has this bag, it's very cute, but very small.
  10. I've never really been a fan of the mini Hl- always seemed a little tacky to me :sweatdrop:
  11. Aww.. the MC or Mono?:smile:
  12. cute and a great price right now...
  13. Not bad for that price...but I'd rather pay an extra $30-$50 or so to get one that's in even better condition! The patina is wayyyy too dark for my liking.

    This one looks a little lighter, but looks kinda dirty but probably fixable with baby wipes:
    eBay: Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Speedy EXCELLENT (item 330042393205 end time Oct-30-06 20:51:59 PST)

    When I was really crazy about this bag, there were many that sold for $190-$230 in really good condition. If you really want one, I'd suggest waiting for one to show up that's in really good condition...unless you want it NOW!