To bid or not to bid?

  1. I've had my eye on this MC petite noe all week and the bidding ends today. Right now, the auction price is only up to $785, but will probably go up in the last hours, I'm sure.

    What do ya'll think of the condition for the price? Is it worth it to bid? How does it look overall? I've never owned an MC piece, so want to hear what the experts out there think. How much would you pay for this at auction?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I'll pay maybe up to $900:shrugs:. Except for the marks in the pocket, it's not bad.... Good luck if you're bidding.
  3. I like it :love: I noticed 2 in same color sold for over $900 till $1000
  4. Clopin, 3 mins 28 secs left only!!! Still $841.26, let's! Good luck :smile:
  5. Ooh sold for $1220.56