~To Beige Poudre or Not To Beige Poudre~ Shoes, ZCP or Alma BB REVEAL!!*_^

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  1. ❤ thank you I truly love the colour
  2. Such a gorgeous color!! Love it!
  3. Congrats!! I saw this bag today at the boutique and pics do not do It justice!! It is simply gorgeous. It seemed to have a lavender undertone...at least to me and a friend lol. I want!!! Lol
  4. The colour looks much warmer on your photos than on the LV website. Does anyone know what other BB colours are coming for autumn / winter? :smile:
  5. Thanks and the colour was the reason I said yes!!! Eventhough I was not supposed too :biggrin:

    ❤❤❤ i couldn't agree more. Stunning colour IRL and all photos including mine doesn't really show its real beauty.
    Go Nicolette! Go get it lol!!!
  6. It was taken under warm light. The real colour isn't as warm as my photos however at different light it tend to show different tone I think this could be the gold undertone that LV using with beige.
    I did asked SA the next release colour but he couldn't give an answer since BP is just being released. We have 6-8 mths to go before another new seasonal colour. I didn't get previous seasonal colour on purpose. If BP doesn't sings your name you can wait till the right one comes. I did and I am jubilant!!
  7. I just bought it, can't wait to see in real!
  8. Yay!!! Ayumitan we are bag twins !!!! Please do your reveal once u get it ❤
  9. I just got it delivered, the bag is beauty! Too bad the shipment came via Fedex Budget Truck with horrible packaging from Kuehne & Nagel warehouse in NJ. It's so obvious they are cutting budget for logistics… there was no sticker in gold plate too, sad.
  10. Awww..sorry to hear about the bad packaging cover but I hope your cute BB is well and intact :hugs:
    I have never experienced buying LV by phone or online (not by choice) so I don't have any experienced to share with you.

    Oh please do your reveal and share modelling pics too :graucho:
  11. Congrats!!looks lovely!
  12. ❤❤ thanks but I haven't got the chance to carry it yet but hopefully this Saturday evening :smile:
  13. Love the color

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  14. ❤️ lovely
  15. Aww ... Poudre, i love it ... I am just to shy as it is soooooo elegant. Congrats!