~To Beige Poudre or Not To Beige Poudre~ Shoes, ZCP or Alma BB REVEAL!!*_^

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  1. Haha...I know what that feeling is like...sometimes I am not intending to buy something at the store, but when I see it, it calls out to me and I have to get it!
  2. Today's meeting was fabulous and amazing indeed...:tup::tup::tup::tup:
  3. :amuse: DH said what happened to just window shopping only:P
  4. :pokey: arrrggghhhh....show off!!

    lol lucky I got BB to calm me down...otherwise me feel like :noggin: you. So any reveal for me :graucho:
  5. Must be 'breakfast' time in Australia...so full of energy!!:biggrin:
    Co ordinate with bjorn's trip...it'll be a 'blast' meeting.....together with the
    LV :queen:...our VVIP here.....
  6. Ok will persuade her to go again next year in Aug :graucho:

    Wow I am sure it will be happening meeting! Eh I just had Cadbury Peanut Toffee Cookie Dairy Milk :biggrin:
  7. Luv the new color the alma BB is a great day to night bag! Congras!
  8. :hugs: aww..tks LV Fairy you are so kind
  9. So pretty!
  10. Love this little cutie! Once you start collecting BB's won't be your last:smile: Congrats!
  11. Thanks glamourdoll :biggrin:

    Lol you know what I might get another BB if they do come out with seasonal colour that I simply cannot resist! But at this moment I am contented with one :smile:
  12. Ohhh, I love the color...congrats
  13. Very beautiful.
  14. :yes: yup the gold undertone just lift up simple beige to another level :love:

  15. It's gorgeous! congrats!