~To Beige Poudre or Not To Beige Poudre~ Shoes, ZCP or Alma BB REVEAL!!*_^

  1. Haha sounds good! I like having a hands free option, unfortunately I can't condense my stuff at all- I need a Neverfull GM I think, to fit everything including the sink :nuts: And omg your DD modelling it is just too precious!
  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!:love::love:The color is so sexy~~~!;)
    n love DD's mod pic!!!!
    How bout urs??:graucho:
  3. It's gorgeous~!! Congrats~!!
  4. :loveeyes: It is GORGEOUS :loveeyes:. I'm also wary of the maintenance of vernis in a light albeit lovely colour, so this is the perfect size for it. Your dd carries it very well...... Looking forward to your mod pix. Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. It's so pretty! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous color! Love that it's neutral with a pop (b/c of the vernis)! A great bag! Enjoy!
  7. Very pretty! Congrats!
  8. Simply elegant & stunning color....CONGRATS !
  9. Will reply later in the day as I need to send darling kids to their class and be in there. I forgot to take photos of me modeling it with and without the strap yesterday. Duh! Simply excited modeling it till taking photo is least in my mind :p

    Will take mode pic(s) later today. In the meantime enjoy your day.
  10. stunning beauty, congrats!
  11. I really love this new color! And, the bb is so cute! I look forward to seeing your modeling pictures!

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  12. I really love this color.. This can be my first Vernis and my first light colored bag..:biggrin: Congrats!!
  13. The color is really beautiful~!!
  14. such a lovely colour.. congrats!!
  15. fabulous bag! The colour is so pretty! and your DD looks gorgeous in the modelling pic.