To Be Or Not To Bee-

  1. That is my question. I wear way too much black, and if I got Juane, would I look like a bee???? I also like Paparika, but don't want to look like I am always getting ready for Halloween. Please don't think I am :nuts:-a girl just is very lucky to have some where like TPF to ask these kinds of questions!! Thanks!!!!
  2. I don't think so, but if you also wear stripes you might be pushing it.;)
  3. I think you're safe with either color.
  4. :tup:

    But seriously- I think you're fine. It's a great way to perk up your wardrobe.
  5. lol, I think either will look great with black.
  6. Citychris- thank you for the no stripe advice. I love it and I'll keep it in mind!!!!!:tup: Too FUNNY!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm with the other girls... any combo would add to your wardrobe, both colors are great choices. ;)
  8. Beau colors on both paprika and juane... I agree with the band wagon...I don't think you can go wrong with either. Keep us posted and post pics:okay:
  9. Oh no! Get a Jaune First - you'll love it! It looks fab with black. There are some great shots of Nicky Hilton with her Marigold First and she always wears her 04 Marigold with black. It would also look great against steel gray and navy blue. A very versatile colour! I just hope it has more sunflower yellow untertones rather than light tan. I can't wait to see Jaune IRL!
  10. hehe - You are cute! I think it would look hot if you wear all black with a pop of jaune. It would look less bee -like if you add an accessory with some print. Like a Hermes head scarf (hot!) or black/white creme polka dot top underneath a black sweater.
  11. I'm getting the Marigold pochette specifically to match my favorite carribean blue sweater this fall.
    However, to get my money's worth, I would bravely (and proudly) carry a Marigold/Jaune pochette with my striped sweaters....I'll be the buzz of the town (pun intended) :yahoo::yahoo:

  12. ^^ too cute!

    I think either color would be great, I like the pop of color and contrast to black!
  13. I would go for Juane...
  14. Like the title of your thread.:smile:
  15. Thanks for the responses!Sadly I am serious!!! My best friend always thinks I am anal, but especially about the "bee thing". What can I say I love black and yellow!

    Lordguinny- thanks for the fashion tip:tup:

    ICB- that baby bee is too cute! You already are the talk of the town! This "Town" anyway, and it is all good!:supacool: