To be bald or not?

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What would you want your man to do if he were balding?

  1. Let it fall out?

  2. Shave it off...Bald is sexy baby!

  3. Get a toupee?

  4. Get hair plugs/implants?

  5. Do the Donald...Comb over baby!!

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  1. Hey you all...I've seen lots of pictures lately of men with implants, fancy toupee contraptions (J. Travolta, Nick Cage, Matt M., etc) and was just wanting to know you all opinion.

    If your man was going bald, what would you want him to do? Some men go with the flow, but others just can seem to let it GO! Literally.

    Now a days, it also seems like more and more men are going bald.

    I will start Ex of mine, young (late 20's) was prematurely balding. I'd never dated a many who was balding up to that point. He would shave it off, and granted it look sexy, but because his head was SOOOOOOO Big (lol, a LiTTle bit of exaggeration), I personally thought he looked better with it grown in. ESPECIALLY when he also grew his facial hair in. :yes: He was very self conscious about this.

    What are your opinions on this matter?
  2. I have always told Dh that if he starts to go bald I would just want him to shave it! It would look much better than really thin hair imo. And I wouldn't want him to go the implant route either(I don't think he would anyway)
  3. My man is in his early 30's and has been losing his hair for about 5 years now. He shaves very short but not quite bald yet (I think #2 on the razor). He went bald once and eeeekk it was strange. I think he looks hot with super short stubble, bald men rock :graucho:
  4. This is a funny question because my husband and I both do hair transplants for a living. We met on the job (I have been there for 12 yrs and he for 19 yrs), and we work for a large dermatological surgery practice and our job is to head-up the hair transplant department! It is funny to tell people what we do for a living!!! LOL!
    Ironically enough, my husband shaves his head bald (because he was balding!!! LOL) and he has been wearing it that way since long before I met him. I have never seen him with hair, and he shaves it bald with a razor every other day, so it never really has enough time to grow stubble.
  5. lol at the poll! I didn't vote b/c I don't think bald is sexy on all men, but if it is happening, just shave it off!

    I think another bad look, other than the comb over is a guy w/ short hair that manipulates his hair w/ gel and tries to make the gel space/thicken out his hair. It looks really unnatural.
  6. I know my husband would want to shave it all off. I don't mind, he's gorgeous anyway.:heart:
  7. My DH is 50 and has thick, shiny hair with no thinning and only a little grey ... he inherited good hair from his daddy. I remember when I first met his daddy, I was thinking "well at least I'll never have to worry about a bald husband!"

    If he did start thinning though, I'd rather he just let it do it naturally. Whenever I see a bald head, I can't help looking for the regrowth just to see what size the bald spot really is. I think going bald may suit some guys, but nowhere near as many as wear bald heads ... and they all look cold in winter!

  8. To my knowledge, the bald gene comes from the mothers side of the if he's got thick hair, he owes it to Mama!:yes:
  9. Nothing is worse than seeing a man try and hold onto his last few strands of hair :lol:
  10. Bald is sexy. Trying to hide a balding head is a big turn off.
  11. Bald is totally sexy. Shave it off!
  12. I'd rather have my man be bald than have fake things or be like the Donald ~ ugh!
  13. Shave it off!! I can't believe how many men think it looks good to try to hide their thinning hair with some type of combing trick. Hair plugs often don't look good either - bald is sexy people!
  14. Agree. DH is losing it and does a close, close cut. No sense in trying to hide the obvious! :P
  15. A man who is confident is so sexy....
    and a confident man will just go with the flow.

    I know Patrick Stewart is a little old for most of you.....but I do so love the way he rocks this look...