To Be(b) Or Not To B(fendi B ...that Is!!)

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
OK- You are all going to beat me over the head with a handbag..but I just got yet another call today...The beige with black trim FENDI BBAG came in....its like over 1800.00...hhmm.I can buy ONE bag this friday...only one..I decided AGAINST the Clandestine(hated the calfskin).....its up against the LV GREEN DENIM GM...or the Chanel Ligne Cambon messenger...However...The LV bag seems to be keeping me up allnight...must have...!!!!..ARGH!!!
Is the Fendi B worth the money...and PLEASE dont say it looks like TOILET SEATS!(been there...heard that....!!!) there is a new keep my chamois Edith company!!!...PLEASE help...and dont kill me for yet another INDECISION!!!
I think that question to ask yourself is how much you like the Green Denim and what you're going to wear it for. Personally, I would go for the Chanel, more longevity I think ...
You will be able to get the chanel any time. If your style matches the B I would go for it. the tan and black is good. Its coming in animal print in the fall.
I love the title of this thread!!!!

The 'only' Fendi BBag that caught my attention is the one you are looking at. The tan with the Black trim & buckles is striking. I like the Chanel cambon messenger but it is tough to compare them (for choosing between) because the Fendi and Chanel are two totally different styles. I say go and try out the BBag and see how you like it. The messenger will be around for you to get later!
I've craved the B.bag ever since I saw a glimpse of it ages ago. However, I think seeing the bag will make it or break it for you. So go look, play, and see if it's for you! That's the only way you'll make the decision.

As far as denim is concerned--it's cute, but I think it's a fad. So if you're ok with spending the $ on a trendy bag, then it's for you. If you're wanting something with longevity--no denim is my advice.
Against all rhyme or reason or appeals to classics, I love the B Fendi bag. So if it suits you, get it!

Chanel will still be here... as will the LV denim line. The B Fendi's are harder to come by.

Plus, if you change your mind, you'll be able to sell it on, since it's in demand right now.