to be a vegi...or not, that is the question!

  1. so ive been a veggi since i was in 5th grade, im now by myself in oklahoma. It's SO hard to find good veggie food here...i guess itsnot impossible but just hard and my schd is SO crazy that i dont have time to cook 7 days a week you know?

    so ive been thinking about eating chicken...what do you guys think???

    btw, im hindu...but not strict...aka i still drink, date etc etc! and my family doesnt really care if i eat meat or not....

    and oh yeah chicken wings look SO good haha :smile:
  2. I don't recommend it. I was raised vegi. When I was 15, I decided to try some chicken. I got sick and never tried it again. I used to live in Kentucky, where everything is served with a side of meat. I was able to find vegi stuff in the frozen breakfast section of the local grocery store. I was also able to order salads and baked potatoes without the bacon.
  3. I was a veg for 10+ years, mostly because the texture of meat turned me off.

    But then, I found out that if properly prepared some meats are really tasty :yes:

    Since then I would say my diet consists of about 90% veg items and 10% proteins.

    Do what feels right to YOU :yes:
  4. see i dont know what feels in my mind if im THINKING about eating it, its as bad as eating it

    i dont know man its such a HUGE inner delima and its driving me CRAZY!
  5. Take your time.

    Give yourself room and permission to really think this over.

    You don't have to decide to tomorrow or the next day or the next.
  6. :smile:Well its a difficult one. I was brought up as child who ate meat, chicken etc. Then oh, I can't remember how many years ago I just went right off meat - couldn't eat it. Now, I cook it for my family, but I just can't bear to eat it - in fact the smell makes me feel ill!! I continued to eat chicken, turkey, duck - but now, I'm not able to eat that either - I've tried, but I just can't I feel awful if I eat it. So it was down to fish - I can just about eat fish - but it has to be really really fresh.

    I think the challenge is that to be veggie you need to know what to cook, eat etc., as I remember years ago visiting a home which was totally vegetarian. The meal I had there is one of the nicest I ever had - it was beautiful and had such flavours. Me, I tend to eat for quickness sake - so it can be a ready meal or whatever, and that usually ends up tasting like the cardboard tray its in! Vegetarian food in ready meals is generally horrible!

    Maybe you should try some chicken, even say in a soup or something and see how you feel? No-one can say whats right or wrong - you need to decide for yourself - but maybe a nibble of it might help:graucho:

  7. thanks so much!! yeah thats the problem im having, i mean i can make vegi food...but it just TAKES SO LONG...or is so unhealthy (think carbs, carbs and more carbs!) and i cant live just on salad, i need SOME substance but then i cant just have a lot of im kind of at a standstill of what to do. i mean u can do so many quick and easy things with chicken!

    but with veggies? the only way they taste good is doused in sauce or fried haha (mmm french fries!)

  8. I say...stay a veggie! :smile: :smile: I moved down south 2 years ago and I guess it's been a little harder, but not too bad. If you're going for fast food places like Burger king and Backyard Burger have veggie burgers, as I'm sure you know, and I buy alot of Morningstar Farms frozen veggie products at the grocery store...I don't cook at all. Plus there's all kinds of things, Subway, Pizza, Falafel, etc hahah I dunno... I think there's enough choices nowadays for quick meals on the go.
  9. hmmm i dont know im just confused!!! i was going to try to eat a bite last night at a din din with friends but i chickend out (ha ha cuz it was chicken!)
  10. Stick with whatever works. I've been a vegetarian for over 3 years and was a meat and potatoes type of person before then. I still hate the thought of munching on salads because, like you, I need more substance. Yes, it's hard to find good veggie places and spaghetti and veggies start getting old but in reality, there's a reason why you chose not to eat meat in the first place. I did it for health reasons and lowered my cholesterol and want to keep it that way. So think about that. Although I hear you though when it comes to smelling some really yummy meaty foods. Sometimes I think about eating it, but when I feel like I'm going to do it, the thought actually grosses me out no matter how delicious it smells. So that seems to work for me.
  11. Do what works for you. One of my friend is Hindu too and he always ends up ordering salads or baked potatoes when we're out for dinner. Then when I go to his house, his Mom will cook wonderful meals with different kinds of beans, tofu, loads of veggies and spices. He's not super strict though, he will have cheese (from cow's milk) and egg.

    Have you tried anything with chick peas? I'll put some spices in it and a bit of spaghetti sauce and eat it with bread. Tofu's wonderful too. Lightly fried with a bit of black bean sauce, snow peas and rice, very yummy!
  12. If you REALLY feel the need to try some, buy free range chicken and try a teensy piece. If you don't like it, you don't like it. If you do like it, then you can try to incorporate that into your diet.

    If you live near a Whole Foods, buy your chicken from there. They pride themselves on getting their meat from places that treat the animals humanely.

    Whatever you want to do is your choice, and we'll love you either way!