To Bandouliere or Not Bandouliere that is the question

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  1. I know this is all personal preference but I've always wanted a Speedy 25, when I originally considered purchasing, the Bandouliere was not an option. I ended up with a Neverfull and now of course I still want a Speedy. Talk to me about the practicality of the non strap Option. Did you find you didn't miss a strap? Or were you wishing you would have spent the extra $ for the strap option? I already have a Favorite and the Neverfull, so I'm thinking I could get away with getting the non cross body option as I could always carry another bag. Thanks guys!
  2. I have a classic speedy and bought a extra strap for this beauty. I would purchase a speedy B if I decide between both.
  3. Def the "B" version. You have the options of wearing it three isn't much more $ but well worth it!!
  4. Definitely a speedy B !!
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    I have two Bandoliere bags and a classic.I like both styles. :smile:

  6. I'm always lone lover of the classic. But I don't have children and rarely need to be hands free! Plus I like the classic look of the regular speedy. I like that it has the history of dating back to the 1930's. Just my personal opinion.......
  7. no contest - the B!🏻
  8. They are all gorgeous!! I know I want DE since my Neverfull is monogram..... I think I'll just get the strap lol I do have kids and I will need to be hands free plus I can always take it off I can't always add a strap on! (That won't damage the bag)
  9. I much prefer the look of the classic speedy for the B so I would vote classic.
  10. If mono - Classic .. If DE - bandouliere and you said DE so B :smile:
  11. I have the retiro and 90% of the time I need/use the strap.. so I vote Speedy B
  12. go with the speedy b. especially in the 25 it makes such a great crossbody bag. i love mine and use it a lot.
  13. I have the classic and love it - but that said, crossbody (any bag) doesn't look right on me lol.. That and I got it in 2009 - maybe B wasn't an option I can't remember? Since I've had my girls though, I never use it. So, if you're looking for hands free go for B.
  14. I've had the regular and the b and I sold the regular one because I hated not being able to put my bag on my shoulder to wash my hands.
  15. I had the classic DE and just sold it. I would get the B option next time, and I have a little girl to chase after so that factored into why I sold my classic.