To anyone who owns a Gucci Craft tote, please chime in....

  1. qudz, that's a good price! I'd prefer the craft as it is easier to get things in and out if you're planning to use it as a diaper bag... good thing about the craft, it has leather edges so it won't fray easily. Mine is still looking good as new (and I got mine Sept. 2011) and used it for touring Europe, been inside overhead bin, and I used it EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  2. ok great thanks for the info! i was debating getting it since the trim is lilac in color and i kind of wanted a more neutral trim like black, white, beige, brown etc. if you used it everyday and its holding up well then i guess i will give it a shot!
  3. the lilac color looks like a great color! it's not too bright and just right! that's good choice!
  4. I just ordered the bigger sized lilac trim! It should be here sometime next week :yahoo:
    I'm thinking of using the smaller pouch to hold a bit of my make up, or whatever is floating around my bag
  5. Any pics?:p
  6. I did a reveal, but here's a quick pic:

  7. that's really pretty Dee! I sometimes use my pouch as a wallet:amuse: