To any Parsians on TPF - need suggestions

  1. Hello ladies!, I am going to Paris with my mother in late May and we are staying on St-Louis-en-l'Ile and would love any recommendations you may have. Ive stayed on the island once before (my DH and I got engaged on that trip *sigh* :love:) but any insider suggestions would be grt. food, shopping, etc... Ive heard grt things about Le Baba Bourgeois on [SIZE=-1]quai Tournelle, have any of you been? i was thinking this place for our 1st night to stay close to the hotel.

    We are having lunch at Jules Verne and I would love a recommendation for dinner, someplace with a spectacular view and something more removed and warm.
    Ive heard the view at both Georges & Cafe de l'Homme are both grt but ive gotten mixed messages about the food.

    We are in Paris for 5 days before we move on. Thank you!
  2. Not a Parisiene but might as well be, I'm there every 6 months - Cafe de L'Homme is magnificent but only OUTSIDE - inside you can't see the tower - the food is mediocre but I wouldn't miss the experience of lunch outside with the most glorious view of the Eiffel tower imaginable - Georges has excellent food and the views are wonderful inside and out - My favorite restaurant on the I'lle St.Louis is Le Relais de L'Isle, it is a tiny "jazz" place (piano)with wonderful food at 37 rue Saint-Louis-en I'lle - very french and most enjoyable - hope some of this helps.
  3. Use the search function..we have TONS of Paris threads to help ya!