To Alma Bag n Bag Owners...

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  1. Ladies...can you check your corners of the bottom of the bag? Any wear, creases or rubbing of corners? Bought one and returned it because it didnt look right on one corner...and saw another in store just like it.
  2. I may not be of much help, but I bought this bag (Red), but then returned it. I was unhappy that there were no feet, but I was also concerned about the corners, they just seemed too pointy and too susceptible to getting scratched or scuffed. Once that corner would bump into something and scuffed, there is not much that could be done to fix it. I didn't want to have to worry about that, so, I returned the bag. I loved the look of this bag though, and if they could put feet on it and kind of bring in those corners in or do something with them, I'd buy the bag again in a heartbeat!
  3. The pointy monogram corners make a bold design choice but it comes with more susceptibility to rubbing over time. If wear and tear is a concern, just be aware of this before you commit.

    Some people buy bags to keep for years, others buy bags for a couple of seasons and then pass them on or sell them and get a new model. I am of the first category, so I avoid picking bags that I know will be more high maintenance.
  4. Picture of the one I returned. There was no issue with the bottom or corners. The day I got it home I realized it wasn't the bag for me. It looked too big and boxy compared to the regular Alma PM. It's a very pretty bag though.

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