to all you ladies with a metallic b-bag

  1. can you tell me if the leather's heavier than other colors & whether fading & peeling is a big problem (?)
  2. I have a metallic bronze city and love the leather -- it's very light, not heavier than the other (non-metallic) colors; maybe compared to the thicker leather this season (which I haven't seen IRL yet to judge for sure), it might even be lighter. There's no peeling of the leather (or anything remotely like that), but with all metallic colors, if you used it lots, places like the edges of the bags are going to fade a bit with time -- it's inevitable, but it's only a little bit of the metallic rubbing/"fading" off & not really that noticeable as long as you take good care of it.
  3. wow, thanks so much for all your helpful advice & knowlege foxy :flowers:
  4. i had a pewter classique (sold it) and the only thing that i noticed, like the previous poster said, was a little bit of fading in spots that get a lot of wear, but balenciaga warns you of that from the beginning. it happened to me only on the handles, where the whipstitching on one handle rubbed on the other
  5. thanks so much for your input amanda :smile: ...would you say the leather is the same weight as other non-metallic b-bags (?)
  6. yes! same weight... same weight as the 2005/2004 leathers because the metallics were from that season..

    i have a weekender pewter and a metallic magenta, both from 2004.. and i love them! =)

    I agree with the rubbing off.. no peeling. just a rubbing off to a darker colour on my pewter.. and also ..but less obvious on my magenta. =)

    i love the metallics!!
  7. awe, thanks waterfalls, do you think a weekender in that color would be too much on a petite 5'2 girl like me :rolleyes:
  8. I have an 04 pewter First and I carry it all the time, so the handles are starting to fade. I just noticed it a couple of days sort of looked like I had carried it with lotion on my hands, or powder, or chalk. Not a huge deal, but it does happen.
  9. i have a small twiggy in red metallic 2004 xmas edition, i don't use it often, only for going out at nights, but yes, there's some rubbing off problem especially at the shoulder handle. but no case of peeling. and i love the leather, i found it slightly thicker than my shopper.
  10. the color does rub off, and i have a tiny area where a chip of it came off by the handles. not a big deal to me. the leather is about the same in weight. i love metallics. big fan, i would buy another one in a flash.
  11. i'd say the leather was the same, i've never had another classique before but the bag was incredibly light.
  12. I have metallic classiques in bronze and pewter and I haven't noticed any problems yet, but I use both bags for occasions, not as everyday bags. I did spray both bags with appleguard spray and am hoping that protects the handles and helps minimize the fading.
  13. I've noticed in a few places where a chip or two of the metallic has come off, but nothing noticeable or serious. As for the rubbing, my bag is still relatively new (bought it in March), so the leather still looks new.
  14. I have the Magenta Metallic City bag which I absolutely LOVE!!! I don't use it a tremendous amount, so it's still in pristine condition.

    The hardware on the older metallics was painted the same color. So, instead of having brass or pewter hardware, the Magenta Metallic had Magenta Metallic painted hardware. As such, I've heard a lot of folks say that they had issues with the paint chipping on the hardware. As I said, since I haven't used my bag that much, I have not incurred this problem.

    The newer metallics do not have the "painted" hardware, so you won't have the chipping problem.

    As far as the leather ... same as the non-metallic bags.
  15. Dear Aaallabama, I have a gorgeous (At least for me :biggrin:) silver City and I'm *madly* in love with this bag. The leather is light and soft and buttery (although, as I wrote in some older thread, the metallics are made of lambskin (agneau) and not of goat skin (chèvre)). The only thing I noticed is that being the leather extremely soft and even (no cracking at all) it is easier to get it scatched and to notice the scratches on it. Apart from this, metallics are great and I'm on my way to get more!