to all you ink twiggy owners out there

  1. i saw a girl carrying one, while walking down 9th avenue today & it looked sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!...i was carrying my little black twigster & almost wished i had gotten the ink instead :flowers:
  2. I really love the twiggy also, my indigo is the only twiggy I have out of all of my babgs. But its darn cute!
  3. I agree that the Twiggys are great! It's going to be my bbag. I suffered from insomnia the other night because I kept thinking about whether I should hunt down an Ink Twiggy. lol.
  4. i can't decide if i like the twiggy for me. i am tempted by the bordeaux one.
  5. I have the '03 red twiggy and I love it :love:! Enjoy your twiggy :flowers: !!
  6. i just LUURVE the twiggy :heart:
  7. i totally love the twiggy style! 0o0o0 and having an INK one would be totally wonderful!!!
  8. I really want to love the Twiggy--and I do on other people. Every time I go to Neimans I try on a Twiggy, but for some reason, it looks much better on the shelf than when I'm wearing it. Can a bag be the wrong shape for a body type? For now I guess I will stick with cities, firsts and hobos and simply admire all of your Twiggies from afar!
  9. I really like the twiggy ... I find that it's a good size to put all my stuff in (and I carry a lot of crap). I looked at a black first and kept thinking it was way too small for me. I have a black twiggy though ... I figured it would be more versatile. The ink is beautiful, maybe next time ...
  10. I've been carrying around my rouge Twiggy for the last couple of days, and she's been getting second glances quite a bit! The Twiggy is a great style! It's so easy to get in and out of! *Twiggy takes a bow*
  11. I adore the Twiggy and do not think I will ever own a different size in Balenciaga. I love how it's easy to find things in, the others are just far too deep for my liking - and it's not as though the Twiggy is a small handbag!

    I wish you well,

  12. do any of you carry the twiggy over your shoulder? i am moving away from handheld bags for everyday and think this may be too bulky for under the shoulder. is it? i feel like the city and first (because they are flat) would work better under the shoulder. maybe not.
  13. You can always count on me to sing the Twiggy's praises. One of the things I like about it is that the handles are long enough to carry over your shoulder in a pinch. It's obviously not the ideal way to carry it, but you can. So you can either wear it handheld, in the crook of your arm, over your shoulder or by the strap over your shoulder - very versatile little bag........

    While the City and the First are flat, they're really not as good over the shoulder - the City's handles are shorter too.
  14. Thanks!

    I can wear my city and first over the shoulder (and of course my shrug and hobo). I am pretty petite too. I just feel like the twiggy wouldn't look as good on the shoulder. Again, I haven't tried one so don't know.
  15. ^ Chigirl, you probably feel that way because of the width, but as long as you don't overstuff it and it's able to scrunch a little, it works fine over the shoulder if you're petite. Again, not the optimum way to carry it, but still workable - especially if you can already carry your City that way.