to all you girls with a b-bag le compagnon

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  1. could you kindly post some piccy's of your lovely wallets por moi :flowers:
  2. OMG, i'm in love esile, i actually just ordered one in bordeaux for myself :love: ...i know i said no more b-bags for me, but i don't think this counts since it's a wallet, oui (?)
  3. of course, it doesn't count... wallets and bags are two completely seperate entities.;)

    congrats! you'll love it.
  4. yippy, i'm sooooooooooooooo excited i can hardly stand it :yahoo:
  5. Congrats, aaa!!! And I agree with esile. Wallets and bags are so not the same;)
  6. I agree.

    Wallets and Handbags are two very different things! :smile:
  7. congrats! you lucky girl! I've been wanting one for myself for a long time, but no money. post pics when you get it ok!
  8. yippy, i can always count on you gals to help validate my addiction :angel: ...i'll post pictures just as soon as i get's the 1st really nice wallet i've ever bought for myself, so i guess you could say i've waited my whole life for her :amuse:
  9. Congrats! Every lady deserves a nice wallet. Can't wait to see it!
  10. Yay, congrats, aaallabama! No, it totally doesn't count! :biggrin: I'd love to get a wallet, too. Did you order yours from AR? It's free ship with $500 min purchase, right?
  11. yippy, my new b-bag wallet arrived today & it's so pretty!!!...but i'm worried that it's a little on the big side of the street :wondering...i really :heart: it, but do you think it's too big or heavy to carry everyday (?)...i'm not sure if it's mainly supposed to be used for traveling, which i don't do alot of :amuse:
  12. Congrats on your new wallet, aaa!!! Sorry, I don't own one, but perhaps you can post pics of it? Are you used to using small wallets? Maybe it just looks big in comparison to your usual everyday one?
  13. for me, it's a great size... but then i again i'm a pack rat! it's definitely not just for traveling. i use mine daily. give it some time.;)
  14. Glad to hear your compagnon has arrived:smile:)

    About wallet sizes, I do find the compagnon too big for my preference. It's more like a clutch. But I am a small wallet person. I have a long MJ quilted clutch wallet that I've never used due to the size. And that one is heavy too! Grrr.. MJ and his heavy hardware.