To all those vintage Jumbo owners..please come in!


Rockin Chic
Oct 28, 2007
Hi there ladies! Its been a while since ive came here, but i got the Chanel fever again:P My question is how has your vintage jumbo or xl's been holding up? Im still wondering if this is a bag i need. I love the way it looks but what scares me is when the puffiness ends up deflating. Have any of you purchased this bag for the way you loved it's chic looked, but have not found it very useful and it doesnt get used that often? Or those who think this was a great investment let me know as well. I just need more insight on this vintage bag if possible. TIA!


Mar 17, 2008
I have the XL jumbo. It's still in mint condition as the day I purchased it. If you're considering a vintage, remember that you get what you pay for. You have to pay a little more & be patient until a perfect one comes along. I think the leather & quality on the vintage is much better than the current season. However, the bag looks a bit "dated" to me....I can't seem to get over the flashy gold hardware, the big CCs, & the overall larger size of the bag (too much like a suitcase on my petite frame). It's definitely an attention-getter...which is one of the reasons I shy away from it & don't use it as much as I'd like to.


Feb 24, 2008
l love mine its an XL,l use it a lot. It holds loads, and well balanced on the shoulder,but on the arm can be heavy. The only thing is the lambskin on the corners, but l dont baby it, and can always send it for a spa treatment. l love the smell, the look, and when l use it, it just glams up any outfit.....but l would wait and get a mint one or near mint if you can. I dont regret it one bit, total love for me :smile:


May 1, 2006
Hi There,

I love my XL. I wanted caviar but when a lambskin in mint condition came up from a reputable ebay seller I decided to get it instead. It was still very puffy and had no wear or tear on the corners. I use it about once a week and on the off days store it with the chain inside and in its dust bag. I have had it for a bout a year and still looks like new!

I dont mind the 'deflated' look gives it a 'vintage glam look'. it almost gives it a modern edge that the classic puffy look doesnt have.

I am 5ft 6" and it is larger than most of my bags but I love the glam of it and love toting it around. I always get compliments and stares when I use it. It fits a ton and always looks classy.

I agree with the others, wait for the right one for you, its worth paying the extra to get one in fabulous condition. Its a beautiful bag that you wont regret owning.