To all those Paige Denim Lovers out there...

  1. Hi!

    Can you guys help me figure out which style of Paige Denim to buy? I tried on the Hollywood Hills and liked it. But I was wondering if there are other styles out there you would recommend more?

    As for my body type I am fairly petite. I am short (but no big deal since I need to get everything altered anyway) and I usually wear a size 0 so that would translate prob into a 24 or 25. I don't have much of a butt or hips. I guess I am looking for something with a good tight fit all around. I know there are a lot of Paige lovers out there, if any of you have about the same body type please let me know which styles are your favorite(s) and why.

  2. I'm around the same size and I find that HH fits me the best. LC is a bit big in the behind (only because I have none!) You may want to try Picos as well, those hug me in all the right places and I love flap pockets!
  3. Thanks Jen!

    Have you tried the Melrose?
  4. ^ yea! i love the melrose cut, it's a lot like HH but with straight leg openings (not like skinny jeans but it's not bootcut either)