To All The Shoes I've Loved Before

Who've Traveled In and Out My Door,

I'm Glad They Came Along,

I Dedicate This Thread,

To All the Shoes I've Loved Before.

Ladies, I have been posting here for over a year, and obsessing over CL's for the same amount of time. For my 5000 post, I though it would be nice to reminisce about the shoes that have come and gone, and for me it was REALLY hard to remember.

So here is my list, in no particular order:

Nude Kid Declic: 1/2 size too large
Multi Color Glitter NP: 1/2 size too large

Burgundy Triclos: Straps across the foot were too tight and dug into my skin
Plum Suede Rolandos: Way too tight and my little toes tried to escape
Camo Pigalle: Way Too big
Red Satin Scissor Girls: Beautiful but too fancy for my boring lifestyle
Bronze Scissor Girls: Just...sold them
Fuxia Suede VP’s: Replaced by Fuxia Suede Declics
Teal Suede C’est Moi: Hurt my Arches
Nude VP’s Burgundy Tip: I think a Nude/Nude would suite me better
Black AstraQueen: 1/2 size too small
Brown Glittart Ron Ron: Just....sold them
Red Patent Simple: Found the fit uncomfortable
Turquoise Suede Ron Rons: Just....sold them
Orlato YoYo Zeppas: Bought used and were stretched out a little too much

Now think hard and try to remember all of your shoes you have loved and lost!
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Jul 17, 2008
Cute Idea! I don't have time now to think of them all, as there have been a few, but I'll give an ode to a few special pairs:

Lady Grant, my first pair of CLs... killed my feet but moved on to a lovely tPFer, which I only learned later as I was not on tPF yet when I sold them!

Black Python VPs... after tons of TLC still were not for me, but again found a lovely new home.

Sadly my newly acquired shocking pink satin hyper prives will probably join this list soon.. they are .5 too small. :cry:


RIP Daddy...
Nov 28, 2007
ring lizard VP's...1/2 size too big :cry:

red eel decolletes...i needed the money

pony hair sabotages...impossible to walk in

black patent cork activas...after they put me in plaster and crutches i could never wear them again

think htat's it


Dec 11, 2008
My first ever pair of CLs Black Som1s. Was not part of TPF so had no idea about sizing. Needless to say, they were over a full size too small.

ShoeBunny My third pair were the Lady Grants and they were just too high for me. Even though they were my first pair, that actually fit well, I had to let them go.

I had Bruges that were too too small and the Wallis had to be one of my worst CL experiences. They had this sharp plastic part under the button that dug into the side of my foot. I refused to put up with that pain and had to let them go...
Jul 30, 2006
C'est Mois - We just wern't in love
Red Velvet Clichy - would never wear them
Pewter Scissor Girls - sold and replaced w/ half size larger
Pink Pin Ups - They wern't on the list ...

All my others I don't think I could bear to part with :love:


Dec 7, 2006
New Jersey
black patent decollete 868, too small, returned
White kid helmuts- purchased on ebay, a tad bit too small, sold
Suede Ron Rons, Turquoise, sold
Suede Ron Rons, geranium, returned, not digging the color
Red Lillians, returned, killed my toes
EB suede rolandos, too big, sold
EB suede MCs, fit odd, returned
Leopard patent pigalle 70, purchased on eBay, too tight in toe box, sold
Pink Formentera espadrilles, purchased from Saks, never worn, sold
black CouSou ribbon sandals, purchased at consign shop, too big, sold
Suede declics, wine, purchased at Niemans Last Call, too small, sold
leopard pony sabotage, purchased at consign shop, too big, sold

I think that is all. I had a tendency to purchase shoes too big or too small just to have them. Not anymore....I have learned my lesson.


killing them softly
Feb 27, 2008
Champagne Paillette Decolletes - 1/2 size too small
Pink Satin Joli Noeuds - 1 size too small
Ivory Leather Lillians - loved them dearly but just could not walk in them

The one that hurts the most....

Ariella Clous.. pewter with multi-color studs. They were a 1/2 size too small and I really needed the money from selling them.. so I did. I regret it a little bit to this day but they really were too small. I need to keep telling myself that. :crybaby:


Planning To Be Happy
Mar 1, 2007
I have sold my camel/black lady grants. Because they did not have the platform, they heel was killing my feet so they were not getting a lot of use and I really needed the money for my YSL Muse so no regrets.

Also sold a pair of jolie noued dorcets, the style is definitely not for me although I love peep and they were my second pair. :sad:

Edit: I love everything else I own and although, I have not used a couple of pairs, I am very happy with my small collection!


Feb 6, 2009
Southern California
Cute thread!

Rose Gold Rolando's (40.5)---Toe box was just to brutal, my toes went numb. Returned them.

Pink Python Rolando's (40.5)---I was destined to make it work because I was in love with these shoes, even knowing how badly this style hurts my toes. Tried everything, stretching & wearing them in the house several times a day. I knew it was time to let them go when after 1-2 minutes of just sitting in a chair, my circulation was cut off & all my toes were white. I didn't want to have to amputate my foot due to a CL Rolando shoe. It was a sad day for dbeth. Lol. They had to go back and just accept that I will never be able to wear this gorgeous style. :crybaby:

Samira (brown suede with black scroll, )---My 1st pair I saw in person! Lovely shoes, but too big (size 40.5). Foot & heel pads didn't even work. Returned.

So Private in Blush--The size 40 heel strap was slipping when I walked and I knew within time it would come off completely. So I exchanged for a 39 1/2.

Tigresse zebra wedge--The inner platform on the side had no black striping, it looked completely off. I wasn't that upset though, they just didn't look that great on me. I love them on others, just not me.

Madame Claude Pink patent size 40. After much debating & going back & forth on which size to return, I ended up keeping the 40.5. The 40 just didn't look as good as the 40.5. (spillage with the 40) I'll have to use heel & foot pads for the 40.5 though due to heel slippage.
Well, I guess I have soo many because I have never been able to try on any of those shoes prior to buying them! LOL That is what I get for living out in the middle of nowhere!

I did however get to try a few on when I went to NM, Barneys, and the boutique in Las Vegas, and bought my Lillians there.


Jul 11, 2006
Black Patent Madame Claude - My feet were too wide that I had to squeeze into them, then my toes would go numb - returned

Zebra Tigresse - So not me, I just don't have the wardrobe those shoes deserve - returned

Pink Patent Simple - Simples look bad on me, lesson not yet learned - returned

Black Kid Simple - Simples look bad on me, lesson not yet learned - returned

Ivory Miss Boxe - Simples look bad on me, lesson learned - returned.

Black Bootie - the actual name is slipping my mind. The heel tab ripped off when I tried them on again..... took them straight back to the store and banned myself from Louboutins for a LONG TIME after that

Metallic Python VP (goldish/coppery) - The SA assured me they were the right size, they were not, SOLD

Silver Glitter NP - The new NP DO NOT FIT me the way the old ones do

Black Patent Ron Ron - exchanged for the Barbie and Grey because they didn't have the 40 and I know I can always get these

That's all I can remember right now.


How many is 2 many?
Jan 11, 2008

Black Decollete Zeppa with Stacked Heel - the shoe that made me fall in love with CLs but alas my feet hated it with a passion. Sold.
Black Miss Fred Booties - fell outa love. Sold
Specchio Penny Loafers - what was I thinking?? Returned
Black Jazz Oh My Slings - didn't give me the CL shivers. Returned
Brown & Blue Glittart RonRons - eventually realised that I wished they were Decolletes. Sold (to lovely new TPF homes)
Black Patent & Black Grease Pigalle 120 - too big. Sold
Blue Glittart VPs - I ordered the Decolletes and the boutique screwed up. Sold
Blue Satin Tenues - loved them but not a WOW!! shoe and never wore them. Sold


Aug 9, 2008
great thread noah! :tup:

let's see....i've only gotten rid of 2 so far:

Salopette (black/gold) - 1 full size too big! :sad:
Defil - just...really not my style at all! :nogood:


Oct 15, 2008
Great idea, noah! and congrats on 5,000 posts! :yahoo:

Tortoise patent Yoyo 85- a little too big, and my feet kept slipping forward even with ball of foot pads
Rose gold VP- color wasn't for me
Nude patent VP w/ burgundy tip- never wore them, my feet don't work with VP's, replaced by nude Clichy
Black kid VP w/ burgundy tip- my feet don't work with VP's. These are now with kaeleigh :hugs:
Camel kid Ballerina flats- hurt my feet