To all the ladies with Blue Jean Hermes bags

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  1. I recently received my 35 Blue Jean Birkin in Clemence and I am in :heart: :love: :love: I am trying to find as many colors in my wardrobe to wear it with, which is not too difficult since it's such a versatile color. It's gorgeous with nudes, camel, white, and so practical with denim.

    Would love to know how u ladies wear ur Blue Jean bags :flowers: U can post pics with outfits if u want :flowers:
  2. ah first sending airkisses to jumeirah ;)

    well i love it paired with used jeans a white mens shirt worn in a cache-coer style and the sleeves rolled up. or with pure white clothes and turqoise jewelery from iran
    not a big fan of blue jean and black even though it looks fab on others but i like it with grey !

    ah and congrats :flowers: :wlae:
  3. I don't own a blue jean bag, but wanted to congratulate you on your new bag!

    Enjoy it!!!

    Hope you can build a gorgeous wardrobe around it!!!
  4. lilach thanx!

    I love the white shirt and denim look... it looks so refined and chic with the BJ but in an effortless way.. i remember seeing an old pic of gwenyth paltrow and loving the whole look.
  5. Kellybag :flowers: Thanx alot!
  6. I don't have one yet, but it would be gorgeous with jeans and chocolate brown, navy, all shades of green (especially apple green)
  7. and it looks very sweet with the right pink tone..:love:
  8. I wear it with burgundy, pinks, blues & greens, black. It looks fabby with anything, it's a pretty neutral blue.
  9. Congratulations!!!!! :heart: I don't have a blue jean birkin YET:graucho:, but am obsessed with this color~ I can tell you that blue jean would go with anything!!! Seriously, I cannot think of a single outfit that it would not work with - from jeans to suits!!! Ok, maybe it would look great with some reds or greens, but for the most part it is very neutral IMO! Enjoy your fabulous new birkin!!!
  10. Thanx jag!!! I hope u get to indulge in ur BJ obsession soon! It's a keeper!
  11. Thanks Wafaya!!! Me too!!! I just love blue jean- its gorgeous!!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Pics please, please, please.....

    I don't have anything BJ but I have seen women with theirs IRL and it's a very versatile color IMO. Can go with just about anything but my fav look is with jeans, flats, white shirts or nice cashmere sweaters!
  13. Totally agree with Perja, I think it is neutral. I have it in a Trim and use it as an everyday bag. Truthfully, I don't think about matching it to anything.
  14. Thanx shopmom411!!!

    I will try and post pics as soon as i can
  15. I have the exact same bag! I got it in April, and I use it almost every day. I wear it with everything, even my scrubs! I'll post pics as soon as I can find them.
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