To all the guys out there

  1. Do any of you wear any of the LV bandeaus, bandanas, or scarfs? Just curious. And to the ladies, what do you think of guys that wear them? Too fem?
  2. Nope. I would personally find most any scarf too feminine for my personal taste. Bandanas are also just not my thing. Though I typically limit my LV items to things that are fairly understated from my Taiga Wallet to my LV cup items (Artimon, Necklace, and Sunglasses). Therefore I may not be the best person to respond to this. Still, it is a response.
  3. My DH wouldn't wear one of the bandeaus/scarves etc if I paid him his height in LV bags.:p
    I think some of the plain, dark coloured scarves from the mens line are fine for a guy but nothing patterned with lots of colour eg white mc, leopard print etc.
  4. I've wondered the same thing... can't wait to see others' responses.
  5. I don't own any currently. But i love tying my grams vintage scarves (i keep them in the alzer she gave me hehe) on my bags. But never around my neck. Sometimes i use them as pocket []s and/or just decor. But using them in the many woman do (belt head bands bandannas ect) is out of the ?
  6. I guess I would only use something that I feel confortable with. It would depend on the occasion, the outfit and it's purpose. For the scarves, yes, I would use them with any outfit on wintertime (or when I want to look fancy in summertime with a light-weight one). I'm a winter scarf freak! It gets really cold here!

    By scarf I mean the really long ones, not the small, thin ones. I don't know how to use those on me... and I don't think there is any reasonable way to do it.
  7. I personally would not do it. I think it is something you would definitely have to have a lot of self-confidence to pull off.
  8. I guess it would depends on the scarves. It would have to look very masculine and nothing that screams LV.
  9. I just got a hibiscus silk scarf/bandeau. You have to wear it with right outfit. If you are confident about yourself and you like it, wear one!
  10. i don't have a LV bandeu, i've yet to see one i really like. though i wear silk or cotton scarves around my neck inside my shirt collar like an ascot or cravat. but i'd never tie them in my bags or wear it on my head.
  11. I have the groom bandeau which i, like deluxeduck where around my neck tucked into my shirt. I also wear it tied around my wrist (wrapped round numerous times!!) and occasionally put in on a bag
  12. how would you wear it ?
  13. My fiance won't wear bandana nor scarf, the best, he'll wear muffler or something like pashmina/wrap in checkred.
  14. Hmm i don't know i guess it depends on the scarf and the way it is worn :yes: But i guess it's down the Guys taste, If he like it go for it!
  15. scarfs are also guys accessories it depends the pattern tough
    for instance the damier azur bandana would look great in your head for a day on the beach