To all the girls who have the Chanel naked bag, HELP ME !

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  1. Hello there,
    I need an advice because I am about to buy this bag :


    Do you need to be really careful with it to avoid scratches or damages ?
    My mum told me that, in her opinion, it is beautiful with nothing in it, but as soon as I put my phone and everything in it, it would be ugly...

    So I need you to tell me about it : do you think it's worth and in your mind, is it a good purchase ?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  2. it is lovely and a good purchase!!!
  3. Thanks for your answer ! But what about scratches and everything ?
  4. How much is it?
  5. they are selling around 500 US$ on ebay, if u can get any lower, will be great ... for fun bag, but if to be honest worthy enough, i would rather u go save up and buy one classic flap, real classic flap, not plastic flap like this sweety
  6. fannaticsydney is right this bag is:tdown:... don't waste your money on it. A great sisterly advise.
  7. Thanks everyone !
  8. I personally love mine...and yes it can take a licking and keep on ticking. If you love it. Your opinion is what matters most. You are the one rocking it. If you do a Chanel thread search, you will see that if you put the right things in it, it looks too cute.
  9. Sorry I hv to agree with ur mom. I don't really like thia bag. This bag looks like a fun bag.. not a usual chanel bag which supposed to be classy. But if u really like it go for it.
  10. If you really like it, go for it,

    but personal opinion, I don't really fancy this bag.
  11. I don't have this bag. Although I find it cute, I wouldn't buy it for myself. I'd probably save up and buy a really classic chanel - like a flap! ;)
  12. Margault, your mom is right. You need to keep it uncluttered to keep it looking good. It would be great if you could find a Chanel cosmetics bag to put inside of it and a Chanel cell phone holder, etc. If you keep it organized using other Chanel accessories, it will look nice. Think of it as a display case for other interesting Chanel items that would normally be hidden away inside of another bag. You should also consider getting some Chanel scarfs that you chould put inside (you chould change them out to match your outfits). I think it will look really interesting.
  13. I basically agree with this as well. I am just not a fan of these. Obviously if you love it, what we say won't matter but I just wanted to mention that this isn't likely something you'll want to carry forever. I don't know how much it is going for but I would take that in to consideration as well.
  14. If you have great cool stuff to show off, prob this is 'the one' for you. But if is just a plain normal stuff, better save some money to get a 'real flap' which is more classy.. this is more fun bag. Just my 2 cents. but if you really love it, get it.. what you love is more important.
  15. Deedeedelovely -> Do you need to be careful with your bag ? Does he get scratches easily or not ?

    To all of you -> thanks for your opinions !