To all the crazy Balenciaga girls

  1. No you didn't put me off with the anticipation pouncing!

    Did I fail to mention that I AM a crazed bag lady!!!

    The weather was horrible where I live and I drive a little 2 seater race car, so I had to have my husband drive me back to the office in our 4-wheel drive so that I could use a PC to upload the picture of the suspected electric blue. I said "the girls on the forum are waiting". He said we all need counseling--LOL

    I am a fashion junkie (that's why all the pics from magazines--constantly needing a fashion fix=constantly buying magazines).

    So thank you all for sharing all of your knowledge with me! Thanks for the spy pictures! Thanks for the reporting from the field after a covert operation in NM or Barneys!:lol:

    Great Minds Think Alike!

    PS-- I still think that bag is what the EB is going to look like!:drool: Time will tell.