To all the college students!


Oct 27, 2006
hey ladies, just wondering how many of you here are dorming in college. i am thinking about dorming next year and one question that comes to mind is.. what to do with my bag collection??? to take or leave my precious bags at home? are you ever worried of your roomate, god forbid, borrowing them without your permission or worse...are you worried about your bags being stolen??? please share your thoughts and what you do/would do! thanks :yes:


Nov 9, 2006
hey hun i went to NYU for a year and took all my handbags with me.. My roommate was my Best friend, but i still warned her before hand to ask before she borrows. Now Im currently in the University of Tampa and i still took all my handbags with me. It depends on the enviorment:yahoo:

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
I only take a few handbags with me at a time because I don't end up switching that often anyway. I live in a single this year, so no roommate issues. I don't really worry about them getting stolen...maybe I should.


Jun 7, 2006
Chinatown, NYC
If you share a room, i would warn you not to bring ur bags there. I live with three other ppl, but i have my own room with a locked door. I never leave my room without my keys when im going out. I bought like 3 or 4 bags i usually use. If i feel my roommate were shady, I would hide my bags underneath my bed in a bin. Or if they ask, them her they are FAke. Hehe...


Oct 27, 2006
hahaha okay, thanks for all of your great responses! i'm feeling better about the whole thing. if i decide to bring my handbags with me i'll make sure that NO ONE gets their hands on them.. hehe :rolleyes:

or maybe i'll see who my roomate is first before i bring up my bags :graucho:


Feb 23, 2006
It really depends on your school and your roommates.

I never had problems with people stealing my things when I was in college, and I was "famous" for my shopping habits. (Better to skip class to arrive late with huge shopping bags. :nuts:)

None of my friends shared my style. They were all much preppier. They also didn't care about clothes as much. I never had problems with people borrowing because no one ever asked. In fact, when my roommate lost her winter coat, she refused any of mine.

That said, I never brought everything because the closets in my dorm were too small (though surprisingly larger than at other schools) and I would have to move every year anyway. Also, most college students don't have a lot of bags (I've noticed) so it's not like you'll seem deprived not to have all your bags.


Aug 19, 2006
I'm in college and have found that, in my school at least, theft is not a huge issue. I brought all my bags to school and have bought new ones since being here and I don't even really worry about locking my door (though my building has good security). In terms of roommates borrowing without asking, just talk to your roommate about what you will share. It's not a big deal at all.
Mar 14, 2006
when i dormed i brought most of my bags with me. i kept them locked in a trunk and made sure my roommate and i always locked our doors when we left.


140 lbs lighter
Feb 5, 2006
I never had a problem with my roommates. Since you don't know this person, I would bring a couple and lock them up. Once you feel comfortable, you may be able to bring a few more.

I used to leave my door unlocked and my roommates would walk in and out of my room and I wasn't worried about them snatching my bags. I knew where they lived...They knew I would whoop their get the point.


Jul 19, 2006
Using a lockable trunk is a great idea. Also, you should ALWAYS lock your door. My campus had a problem because no one locked their doors. Word got out, and things (mostly computers) got stolen. It wasn't students doing the stealing, but people from off campus who found out about this. The main doors to the dorms have key swipes and guards, but some people still slip through. Better safe than sorry!
Oct 17, 2006
Always exercise good judgement and be vigilent. I am not worry about roommates and their friends. I am worry about other people who pass by, people who from outside the campus wondering around on campus. I heard a lot of people have their laptops and bicycles stolen.

You know that you cannot keep your dorm doors locked all the time. Would you feel stupid if someone steals your expensive bags because you carelessly leave them in your room in plain sight and unattended? Why invite theft unnecessarily?

If you must bring your expensive bags to college, make sure you hide them just like your cash.
Oct 10, 2006
If your college isnt too far from your home, you could wait a week or so to see what kind of person your roomate is, then have your parents bring them or bring them yourself.

When you're first unpacking on move in day, your stuff is going to be in plain sight for your roomate to see, so i would excercise a lot of caution if you decide to bring them with you. I find that those underbed storage things Rubbermaid makes are great for stuff you don't want anyone else to see. Remember, your roomate is going to have friends over while you're not in the room, and you def. don't want other people touching your babies.

...and you definitely should dorm, it's the best experience!


Sep 10, 2006
in an orange box
When I'm in school I only use certain bags that are big enough to keep books and stuff, so most of my bag collection is left at home.

If you have a problem with your roommates, I suggest saying it's fake. It's easier to deal with like that :yes:


Jul 4, 2006
PVD/Central Cali
I would wait to see what not only your roommate is like, but the people in your hall. I used to live in the sorority house which had to also live in the same building as a fraternity (its a residential college so basically everyone lives on campus in a dorm or "program housing" which gets a lounge and basement in the building they live in) night the girls who slept with their doors unlocked got robbed as they slept, one girl lost 2 pairs of Jimmy Choo's, another girl lost 3 Coach bags, and one girl lost her suitacse full of clothes she forgot to unpack.

even if you sleep with your door locked, what about when you take a shower or use the restroom, basically at some point you are going to leave your door unlocked and your stuff is vunerable. so wait until you know what everyone is like and if you trust them then go ahead and bring all your bags.