To all the Artsy 'longtime' user...!

  1. I have already read that the (uncomfy at the beginning) handle softens after some time of use?
    But - what ist about the canvas?It seems to be more stiff than it is on in other bags...does it also become softer and slouchier with time?I would really like to know if it becomes more 'casual' especially in the bottom area...
  2. Yes, the canvas becomes softer and slouchier with use . I purchased my artsy GM last year and with time, it has become very soft and smoochy. It does not take that long for the canvas to relax and not be so stiff.
  3. It definitely does relax over time. My Artsy MM (purchased January 2011) can't stand up by itself any more and it moulds against my side beautifully when I carry it. :smile:
  4. Agree!:tup: And I have my Artsy MM since Dec 2010.
  5. Do you have a picture please which shows your 'unsitting' Artsy ?Thanks :smile:!
  6. I purchased my Mono MM Artsy in March 2010 - it doesn't take long at all for it to become super soft and slouchy. It was my first LV, my favourite to date - its made so well.
  7. I agree. .. I have my 6 month old mono artsy sitting on the shelf beside my brand new azur artsy and they look so different! The mono looks smaller, because it has softened and slouched a lot. The azur needs broken in, but I'm so used to carrying my comfy mono artsy that I can't make myself carry the azur! lol
  8. I really like to see some pictures of those slouchy and soft mono artsys....please !!! :smile:!
  9. I have pics on my phone, but this thread is not showing up on the phone app???? LOL...Let me bump it and see if that works....
  10. Ok, that worked! Here are pics of my 6 month old, broken in mono beside a new azur...both are mm. I have carried azur a few times, so it is starting to soften...



  11. I've had mine for almost a year and it soften up within a week!
  12. Thanks for the pics!
  13. I've only had my Azur Artsy for a week (using her every day) and she's already softening up really nicely!
  14. Wow this would be a beautiful screen saver .. Georgous
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