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  1. I want to thank everyone with help on autheticating bags. I am just not good at telling yet I guess. I am reading up. (if anyone can give me good pointers or direct me to somewhere with them that would be great.) As for the Petite Noe my hubby bought he says he got it at eluxury but some think it's fake so I am going to research this. If in fact some how he is mistaken or somenthing, then I guess I will be waiting to get my first LV when I can actually get to a store! (as there are none close to me to just go buy one, anytime.) Anyway I wanted to aploigize to anyone if I was at all rude. I was so excited and the fact he said he bought it from elux and he wouldn't lie about that, I was and still am very upset and confussed. I am trying to find out how I can get it authenticated, because I am not near a store to take it to. :shrugs::crybaby:
  2. Oh sweetie! Why don't you mypouputte to authenticated for you? I think you only pay $5.00. But if your hubby bought off eluxury then, you shouldn't worry. Why dont you ask him to show you the receip, and everything.
  3. Yes, the receipt should clear up any confusion. Eluxury is the only online authorized seller of LV. If you see that, all is well!
  4. I agree, just have a look at the receipt.
  5. It seems like you're beating a dead horse. If your husband did indeed get this bag from elux, there should be no question about the authenticity. You even said in the other thread that you saw the packaging as well as the receipt, so what's the point in trying to prove it to the forum? All the excuses just make you look bad and no matter how many times you defend it, someone is going to question it.
  6. also,a little off topic, but don't you also have another user ID? {alwaysespoiled}
    we don't allow 2. . . just wondering which one we should remove?
  7. ^^^ Thanks for pointing that out, Swanky. I was confused by that too as I didn't think two were allowed. :smile:
  8. Lmao...
  9. I missed something...why are ALL PFers supposed to read this? I thought the thread was started by a mod and was an announcement or something otherwise significant to all of us.
  10. Me too. I know she was having some issues with the authenticity of a bag, but everyone didn't need to know what was going on.
  11. And now I ended up reading this thread as
  12. No I do not my sister inlaw who was living with me a month or so ago. did have one, not sure the user name though. SHe's the one I heard about this site from.
  13. well, there were questions about the authenticity of her balenciaga bag that she also got from her cousin recently which was decided as fake in the balenciaga subforum....
    so in a way, it's good that this post is for all to see.
  14. Yes, I remember that. She also got a fake Trouville from a "consignment store" and posted about it on the LV forum before.
  15. this is too embarassing already for her... i didn't know about it since i mostly go to gucci and chanel and balenciaga sub-forums... she shouldn't have posted this here..

    6 words for everyone or anyone who will ever consider carrying a fake.
    please... stop... encouraging.. the counterfeit industry...

    by the way, after reading all previous posts and threads she has, it becomes so obvious that she probably 1) sells fakes 2) wants to keep a fake and 3) has a heck of a lot of time in her hands so she's tripping on the expertise of pf-ers.

    remember: fakes will never be even 1% the same as the real thing. fake bags are for fake people, and fakes are not worth a even a single penny. its a crime, a rip-off, and a bucket full of ****.

    my friend once told me what she tell other people who carry fakes.. "i'd rather spend $500 on my real designer bags, than spend $20 on a piece of crap."
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