to all paraty owners in ROCK color

  1. This is exactly the decision I made this past April!! Originally I fell for Paraty in black but once I was close to purchasing I saw rock and loved the uniqueness of the color. After reading many TPF reviews about color change, fading, etc I decided to go with black. Although I still drool over rock, I'm thrilled with my choice and admire her daily. Chloe sure does make choosing a color difficult with all the gorgeous choices. My final decision was made when I saw pictures of fading on someone's rock - I didn't want to be bummed out about that in a couple of years. I like my bags to stay in great shape and take care of them despite regular use. I didn't want to chance it considering how pricey these bags are. So much to think about! I think you'll love your black Paraty.
  2. I hope it'll be half as stunning as your python!

    So you understand my dilemma completely! Good, I'm not alone. I think I'll love the black too, really looking forward to receiving her! Who knows, I might get a Rock down the road.... The color has me floored, quite literally.
  3. Oh I know your ordeal all too well (and recently too). :smile: I'm with you, if I get a chance, I'd love to give any rock Chloe a home! Despite some people's complaints with color change, most LOVE their rocks. Looking forward to your reveal.
  4. Originally really wanted a Rock - saw IRL in Nordstrom and it was more brown than anything else. I went with a Black and then added a Red and LOVE them both.