to all paraty owners in ROCK color

  1. ITA, it is like a dark grey with just a tiny bit of brown undertone. Just a gorgeous color. To me, it's more of a grey than brown (I'd say 90% grey + 10$ brown)
  2. Yea...I go mental for muddy grey-taupes like this! I have only seen the large Rock Paraty irl but I'd say it's grey first, but a muddy grey. many nice Paraty bags but I just received the small Ash Marcie from Nordstrom and this Ash is precisely a saturated muddy grey (and charcoal handles). Really don't think I can get a Rock Paraty now :shucks: but more of an excuse to get Antique Rose and/or Cyclamen Paraty :giggles:
  3. I saw Ash Marcie irl and thought it's more on the cool side of the grey. I think Chloe makes better brown colors than greys. I briefly owned a Nutmeg Paraty but sold it to fund other bag at that time. Now I have the Rock Paraty but still sometimes miss the Nutmeg more. You might want to take a look at the Nutmeg in store too.
  4. Would you be able to post pics? I'd love to see it!
  5. MAGJES: I'll try to take some pics as soon as I have the time this week :smile:
  6. Yup... I have a rock and I would definitely say it is more grey and that it looks more like the one labeled dark brown here! weird!
  7. Hi. There are definitely different shades of rock. Some are a lot lighter than others but they all patina very, very fabulously.. This color definitely gets better with age.

  8. Yes, Rock varies seasons from season, and it seems sometimes within season, batch by batch. In some bags the color is more grey, in others, more brown. Other times it has purple-ish undertones - and not to be graphic - similar to the color of a dark bruise. In my opinion this definitely is a color that you would want to try to purchase in person so that you know "which" shade of Rock you are actually going to get.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more...I would hate to order and be disappointed. (I never managed to get my "exact perfect" Newsprint MbMJ baby aidan satchel :shucks: although I like my olive one...although the tag says Newsprint, it's Olive!)
  10. I'm driving myself insane trying to decide between Rock or just plain Black. Ugh!
    What I don't want is a dark brown bag, especially if it has olive undertones. From the discussion in this thread, the consensus seems to be that there are variations in color and undertone from bag to bag in one season. I took a stupid chance and ordered a Rock from hgbagsonline but am really worried now..... E did offer to exchange for a Black, so I'm relieved about that. I also heard that Rock changes color, turns browner over time, in another thread, which isn't bad. Just want a dark grey bag with the slightest brown undertone and won't change color. It's too much to ask, I know!
  11. Here is my Ash Marcie - I love the greyish taupe color:p
    This is what Rock looks like to me.
  12. I've been eying her Rock Paraty as well so please post pics!! I'm looking Something GREY and am becoming so confused with the "Rock" leather after searching and reading all the views. My second choice is a Bal - Gris Tarmac but really wanted a Paraty or Marcie (Love this style).

    ...and btw - what's up with these grey bags turning brown?? Both my RM greys turned on me - Pale Grey and Cloud Grey - very nice but definitely BrOwN.
  13. LOVE this Bag!!
  14. Beautiful! Now if Rock looked like that and STAYED this way then I'd be happy with Rock. Thanks for sharing your pic.

    I know, what's going on with these greys? Is the color change typical of leather in general? I guess it would make sense, leather is skin afterall....

    So I ended up having the Rock re-routed back to hgbags, opting for Black instead. There are just too many variables for me to have a peace of mind with this color, and the potential change drives me a little nuttier than usual. Choosing bag colors is supposed to be fun! I'm hoping chloé releases a decent grey, with UV proof superpowers.
  15. This would be perfect:p!

    I think you'll like the black. It's stunning with the gold hardware.