To all Paddy owners, help me with my prob!

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  1. Hi Daisy,,
    Im very sure your Blue Nuit color is very very nice too. But when I get a color like this, im very sure I will just have to keep it in my closet most of the time too. But its great that u have them both!
    You are right that black can be everyday!
  2. Its so funny,,,i want brown, but u want black! lets exchange! heheheh;)

  3. i agree with everyone. keep the black one it is stunning. i wanted the black one but aould not find it anywhere so i went for the choco brown with hint of red.
  4. I have the black Paddy (Fall 05) and I love it. I'm so happy that I was able to get it because I'm not crazy about the new colors (no offense).
  5. Black all the way, girl !! If you decide you like choco too, scheme your way to get that 2nd paddy ;)
  6. I wish I could buy both..but If I would buy one more bag, its definitely in another design.Maybe Spy or stam..
    I dont know, some woman they like to buy it in a same design but different color, but I cant afford to do so.
    I guess i just keep the black....