To all Paddy owners, help me with my prob!


Dec 10, 2005
Hi everyone,
I am very confused right now:sad2: . Its about my Black Paddington.
I need some opinion.Im started to feel bored or maybe hat about my black color paddington. I was so happy when I bought it, but then I realized I like dark brown better. Its not just that, Ive been reading the Paddington threads in some other forums, and they all been talking about other colors but not BLACK. Some people said black is the worse color for Paddington. Do you guys think so too? Its depressing to read that:cry:
I cant afford to have both. I really like it in black too, but I need opinions from you guys ABOUT BLACK PADDINGTON. Should I keep it or should I maybe sell it? Do you guys also think Black is the the most bad color for it.
Keep it! Black is beautiful, you can never (well, almost) go wrong with a black purse. Have a choco myself but that's because there weren't any black available when I bought mine. I think you'll get a lot more wear out of a black purse considering you live in a country that has a rather long fall/winter period.
Thanks...You are right. I really love black color, and its so easy to match with most of my outfit. Do you think using black bag is wrong on summer?
By the time I bought my Paddy, the SA said that black is classic, because I was so confused which one to choose.
Is your paddy a real dark brown color or dark brown with a little red?
The black is a beautiful color. I love black purses. Mine is in a blue/grey color called Noir and it looks black in certain light. I too saw the chocolate brown and it was stunning, but a black purse is essential to every wardrobe. I would keep the black one and check out a different purse in other colors. They don't all have to be Paddys, although sometimes I wish they could!

A black bag in summer (especially with lighter clothing) looks great. The only bags which seem to be no-no's for summer are furry ones. Suede looks good in summer, especially the lighter color ones.

I would definately keep the black paddy.
Black is the most classic color! I don't think that most people even had the chance or coice to buy a black. There were a lot of brown and tans out there. Makes yours even more special.
I know how it feels to see a bag you love dissed but go with your own opinion! I have the Bowler in black and although I know perfectly well that people don't drool over the color, I LOVE it and I can carry it everyday if I want. I also have the Blue Nuit and it is so not versatile so I never use it.
hi, i think we all need at least one black handbag. and black paddy is very pretty. i wanted to get a black but could not find it so in the end i got myself a chocolate paddy... so you are lucky to have a black one - imho.

Black is a great color to have! My paddy is khaki and a lot of people don't like that color, plus I just got the gaucho in brown and that's not the fave color either. It doesn't bother me because it's what YOU like.....I'm sure there's something that each person has on here that you don't like. You can definitely carry black in the summer. Enjoy your bag!
I'm so happy that u guys gave me some advices,,its very helpful.
I've been driving myself crazy this few days, thinking about selling it. But my husband keep saying this paddy color suit me well.But I think he can smells that I want it in another color.
Actually, we are going to Paris in 2 weeks, so I was thinking to get the choco color, and later sell my black one. But then I will drive my husband crazy, coz I need to use his Amex for that. Im sure he would say im insane. :wacko: Aggghh! I just wish I could afford it myself NOW.
But, after tried some summer oufit to combine with black paddy, I decided to keep it!!! It works well with bright outfit too.
Thanks you guys for the great advices!!!! I really love this forum!!
I can just share my problem about purses:lol: You guys rocks!

Ps: sorry for my bad english