To all of you new tobacco owners....

  1. I too purchased the Tobacco paddy from NAP. I do love the color and was very pleasantly surprised.....but the texture of my bag is very smooth. I was just wondering if any of you also received smoother leather?? I also have a whiskey paddy that is very pebbly and a gris paddy that is highly pebbly on one side and fades into being more smooth on the other. But this bag by far has the least amount of texture. I am just curious about other ones out there. I have contacted NAP to see if I could do an exchange if they get a return, but have not heard back from them. I am on the fence right now. I do LOVE the pebbly leather, but on the other hand it is a unique transition to have a paddy that has this character all of it's own.
  2. Hi Triplets,
    I would consider mine fairly pebbly--it is more pebbled than my ivory. Here is a picture--how does it compare to yours?
    anth paddy_1.jpg
  3. Hey Triplets,

    I think mine is pretty pebbled as well. I think if the bag is smooth overall maybe its ok? rather than part smooth part unsmooth? do you think it looks bad or awkward without the pebbled leather? and i think you're right that it might give the bag a unique characteristic!
  4. I have an orange that is quite smooth. And a mini taupe that is smooth as well. I like the variation in leather from one bag to another. Not much fun if everything were as uniform as LV bags.
  5. that is the beauty of chloe and balenciaga, isn't it!:yes:
  6. dear triplets05:
    my tobacco from nap too is pebble but the mousse one is not.... Aubergine and gold too was pebble.

    Hope this helps...

    I was an lv lover too and they usually are pretty consistent on their quality control, but for chloe (since I am new too) i tend to see that some complaints about it???
    not sure why it would not be consistent as some people complaint about their loose lock and mine was a un-attached handle which I had to re-attached it myself???
  7. Tiplets05 I know what you mean:yes: I got my tobacco a few days ago and the front is a lot smoother than the back. The back is oh so pebbly. I find that there is a lot of differences in the newer Chloes:confused1: I kinda wish I could send for another
    DSCN2739.jpg DSCN2737.jpg
  8. My tabacco is the same. Even the texures of the two sides are different. :angel:
  9. mine is pebbly....
  10. Mine is too :yes:
  11. mine's pebbly too!

    very, actually.

    i like it though
  12. You don't know how jelous I am :shame:
  13. i'm more jealous! didn't get any paddy from the NAP fall treat :crybaby:
  14. Check out NAP they seem to have the paddy specials on the site again, it seems that there are a few going back
  15. Jstar- my entire bag is like the front of your bag. Don't you just wish your pebbly side was the front? Darn it!!

    macp6-your bag looks wonderful...very pebbly!!

    All in all, it is a fantastic deal. If I had paid full price I might want to be doing a return and exchange for something more to my taste, but I just don't think this great opportunity will come around again. I donot live in a town where Chloe is sold, so I don't have the chance to catch a great sale. And I do really like the color. I set my expectations low because I theorized that if they were selling a bag for 50% off it must be a dud. But I am so pleased with the color. It doesn't have the mucky green undertones that showed up on the website. I think it looks like a piece of Dove chocolate, and that is one of my favorite things. I am so happy for all of you 1st time paddy owners that were able to score this bag for such a fantastic price.