To all neverfull azur owners

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  1. For those who have the regular white interior, do you find it too hard to keep it clean? Also, now that the pink interior is available, would you choose that over the white one? I'm trying to decide if the pink interior be hard to coordinate with colorful outfits
  2. I'm not at all interested in pink so I'll only change it if they did a light blue/grey interior to match the outside of the bag.
    I find the traditional lining easy enough to keep clean, I've used a magic eraser to remove any marks inside.
  3. I have the old model without the pouch and I like it. It's a nice neutral. No problems keeping clean. I like the pink, but I'm not a huge pink person so it doesn't bother me keeping the beige.
  4. I also prefer the classic lining over the pink (but I'm not a big pink fan in general).
  5. Thank you all for your answers. I agree that a light blue/gray interior would be stunning! I wouldn't even be wondering about getting it or not.
  6. I prefer the original lining with Azure and have both NF and delightful. I don't have any issues with keeping it clean but I do use pochettes in all my bags so no loose make up or pens etc.
  7. I also have the original Azur Neverfull and do not find it hard to keep clean. I do use a beige purse insert that helps with that. I like the pink but don't think that I missed out. I'm actually eyeing the Victorine wallet but with fuchsia interior not RB.
  8. I've had my Azur NF for about five years and it's my most used bag during Spring and summer. There are a few slight discolorations inside the bag mostly near the bottom where the "piping" is. But nothing major. Overall the bag still looks great and the interior is still a cream color. I've seen really dirty bags online but I use pochettes to keep things from dirtying the interior. I try not to throw loose makeup or keys etc inside too. I never carry liquids in my bags (water bottles or baby bottles lol) in case of spills or watermarks. :smile:
  9. I also have the azur neverfull with the beige interior. I had it for a year now. It still looks great. But just like everyone else I don't put pens in it or any makeup with out it being in its own pouch. I think that helps with keeping the bag clean. I also just purchased the azur delightful with RB interior and I love it!! It's such a gorgeous combo. So I recommend both color combos.
  10. I've used my Azur Neverfull MM for 6 months and have had no issues with the light interior. I'm not a huge pink fan so given the option, I'd still select the original interior. That said, the pink is really cute so it's all about really personal preference. Good luck deciding. You can't go wrong either way.
  11. I have the original Azur NF...I've had it about 2 years and it looks great. I use an organizer for inside and I haven't really babied it. I've taken it all over with my kids and to Hawaii and there are no marks at all inside or out. A light patina. I'm not very hard on my things usually and the only thing inside is a bit of lint or dust that I'll wipe out with a baby wipe. I'm not really a pink/red person so I think I'd stick with the creamy beige color if I had it to do over again. :smile: Hope this helps! Let us know what you decide!
  12. All of my bags pretty much look new because I like other have said keep pens, make-up and other liquids inside something else. Some of the bags I have seen on Yoogie's are just down right frightful! I wonder how it is possible to get them that gross! I don't spend too much time matching the interior of my bags with what I'm wearing. Yikes is that wrong? lol! I don't like my bags to clash with my outfit though. I'd probably get one with the pink interior. Good luck deciding!

  13. +1
  14. I showed both neverfulls to my sister and she is convinced I should get the pink interior.
  15. The pink is pretty! I'm thinking of getting the Delightful with pink interior. I wouldn't worry about matching the interior to things IMO lol
    I probably would've bought the pink years ago over the beige.