To all my LV Favourite Fans!

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  1. Hello fellow bag lovers!
    Spoke with an SA from Louis Vuitton today (had to call the hotline to ask about about a bag!), as I am still on the search for the LV Favourite I decided to also ask her about when there'd be a restock! She told me the completely phased out the LV Favourite PM back in March and they were no longer making them, she then proceeded to let me know that after a meeting they had a couple weeks back, they're planning on discontinuing production of the Favourite altogether as they're trying to stay away from the "leather strap gold chain design"! She said she thinks its going to happen very soon as there have been no Favourite on the market for quite awhile now!

    I'm not too sure how accurate this information is, just thought I'd share with you all as I know the Favourite is a heavily sought after bag!

    Let me know what you guys think!
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  2. ^I'm going to go with the bolded part above. It may be true about the PM, but who knows about the MM. Rumors of this kind have been online for quite a while. Sourcing info from the hotline number is a leap of faith at best.
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  3. The Favorite MM has been appearing quite frequently on the US website. Latest sighting was yesterday.
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  4. I believe it will be discontinued because 3 reasons: 1 the fakes are too good. 2 price point is too inexpensive. 3. pm already discontinued why would leave mm out?
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  5. Fakes are NEVER good if you know what you’re lookin at! But I agree with your other two points.
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  6. Fakes are super good nowadays if you look at youtube's super fake lV bags reviews you would see what I meant. unless you are expert playing in the field maybe can tell from details, and some of these fakes are so good couldn't even tell apart unless you know exact what fonts of the date codes supposed to be.
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  7. Ohhhh golly. I'm in a complete Youtube black hole watching videos of superfakes. Holy cow!
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  8. Talk about fakes, I could not believe how many “vendors” were out in open in Manhattan’s Theater District selling fake LV and Gucci ::facepalm::
    I saw 5 “vendors” in a three block radius!
  9. Rumor plus fakes promotion, yet again..
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  10. Not sure how accurate that information is. I was able to buy a mono Favorite MM online last week and I keep seeing them appear in the AU website. Also saw one in store the last time I went.
  11. I was fortunate to find an MM last week in my boutique, so I hope the discontinuing rumor isn't true. I feel that this style fills a specific style/functionality hole that isn't really able to be replaced by another current model, and certainly not in that price point.
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  12. So there is still hope? :biggrin:
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  14. Boston Copley Place had a Azur Favorite MM a few weeks ago in store.
  15. Anyone know how often they restock them on the website? I'm been stalking the DE Favorite MM online for awhile but never seen it in stock.
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