To All My Coach Diva's, Please Help Me.

  1. Greeting my coach diva's!

    I'm in need of some purse dividers or purse organizers ?

    Preferably clear ones so I could see right through them.

    do you know where to buy them ?

    or what do you use to protect the linings of your coach purses?

    love you all,
    Cha Cha
  2. Geez, I have no idea...I use a mini-skinny, and I do have a couple cosmetics bags if I need to keep smaller things in them, but I don't use them much.

    Would Target or WalMart maybe have little see-through cosmetic pouches you could use? It seems like something I would see there.
  3. I don't use anything... just try to be super careful about items in my bag. I use a case for pens - never a loose one. I also empty my bag at least once a week and wipe out or shake out any debris that may be in there...

    I DO use a purseket in my LV Speedy though... it's great!

  4. wildflower,

    Your the best ! i'm going to buy this pursekeet too & thats a good idea to empty your purse & shake it once a week .
  5. I :heart: my pursekets! I have gotten my Mom and coworker addicted to them.
  6. I have a purseket in my LV Noe!
    It's great at keeping the shape and organizing your bag!:yes:
  7. I made my own purseket... out of a pair of my unwanted jeans.
    purseket1.JPG purseket2.JPG purseket in Ali.JPG

  8. your picture is so helpful ! bless your heart!
  9. I can see the new post already . . . PURSEKET SIGN UP! NEW GROUPS NEW COLORS!

    It would be great in a legacy stripe! (wouldn't it?)
  10. owe la la , my mouth is watering
  11. Are you still awake? Everyone's usually asleep when I'm here!
  12. yep, we are having rain here in texas & I'm in much pain
    to sleep.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry to hear. Sending you get well blessings!
  14. Wowow.
    That is pretty cool!
  15. Wow that's cool, you are very crafty :yes: !!
    I love your legacy shoulder bag! :love: