To all "Mimosa" owners

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have a question for the "mimosa" owners. I really love the mimosa yellow from 2011, but wonder if it is very sensitive to color transfers?!?
    Did you have bad experiences or are you still happy with the original color?
    How did it age so far and would you still buy it again ;)???
    Looking forward to your replies:smile:...
  2. It's a lighter color so yes, it is suspectible to color transfer. I have seen it on mimosas that were online for sale. You can see a few online for sale, but best bet is to call the Bal boutique nearest you and ask if the company has any still in stock.
  3. I had one and honestly wouldn't buy it again. It is a long story, but I got it professionally protected before ever using it and it came back looking like it had been used for a good 4 months with blue markings on it. I hadn't even carried it once!! The "professional" obviously screwed up, but didn't admit to it.
  4. That's no good at all, I am sorry to hear about it.
    May I ask who these professionals are?
  5. Oh no, that's a really bad story you've experienced... Didn't they compensate you for your loss?!?
  6. Well I've already called all national boutiques and even the international ones a few months ago. They were all sold out of GSH mimosas. The one I'm interested in seems to be brand new & unworn, at least that's how it is described...
  7. Saira that sounds terrible!!!
  8. OP the one that I had seen on hgbags had small denim transfer on it as well. Any light colours are prone to such something to take into account.
  9. I owned another yellow Bal, moutard, and I've to say it's really sensitive.. I wouldn't buy onother one...
  10. So no enablers around ;)?!? Still love the pictures of mimosa with GSH...
  11. I had a Mimosa GSH PT; loved that bag .. but never used it. Decided to sell it, and what shocked me was that the Dust Bag seemed to have taken on some of the color, although when I thoroughly inspected the bag, it didn't appear as though there was any color loss. That really scared me though, and as much as I love the Yellow bags, I've come to the realization that they are too "delicate" for me.
  12. Thanks CeeJay, I'm not good with "delicate" items, but against all reason love yellow bags ;)...
  13. ^^ oh trust me, I totally hear 'ya on that front!! Something about a bright Yellow bag, and I'm there!! That being said, I have had .. in my collection (throughout time) the following:

    > '03 Mustard First - SOLD
    > '04 Yellow City w/ PH - SOLD
    > '04 Anis City - SOLD (should have NEVER sold this one!)
    > '07 Jaune GGH PT - still have this; will NEVER sell it
    > '10 Moutarde RGGH PT - SOLD
    > '12 Mimosa GSH PT - SOLD

    so, as you can see, it's not for lack of trying!! It's almost like I love them too much to actually use them! I've often thought about just buying a pre-loved one (kind of banged up), so that I don't stress over it. Then again, a big part of it is the climate in which I live. Given that I will be soon relocating to sunny southern California, I may re-think my Yellow bag madness!! HA HA!