to all men in this sub-forum

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  1. hmm.. yes i have.. and i need prescription sunglasses.. and sunglasses dont really look good on me anyway. i dont much like the sun anyhow. ahhaha. living in the wrong state i know! haha.
  2. same here -- need prescription sunglasses..otherwise i am blind as a bat
  3. Those are hot.
  4. use contact me!
  5. Yeah, I saw those a few days ago...I'm debating, I'm definitely not buying any sunglasses until it is summer and they are "needed" at that point I'm gonna compare some LV with Chanel and D&G because as much as a Louis boy as I am, I think I can get some Chanel's or D&G's for sooo much cheaper leaving more money towards another lv bag
  6. I don't really like them to be honest.. i don't ski or snowboard and they have too much of that athletic look to them. I like my eyewear to have a more "luxurious" aspect to it.
  7. those are cute...i wonder if my hubby would like those...
  8. a bit Oakley-ish for my taste im afraid :sad: