To: All Married, Newlyweds, Soon to be married...and women

  1. For those who are married or soon to be you ever get the feeling that you shouldn't get married and you want to stop everything RIGHT NOW? Like runaway bride? Is this normal? I understand jitters...but how do you know when it's not jitters and your wrong. :confused1:
  2. There is an old story of a young man asking his grandfather, "How do you know when a certain girl is The One?"

    Grandpa replied, "If you have to ask, she ain't."

    And there's an old saying: Don't marry someone you think you can live with, only marry the one you know you can't live without! :smile:
  3. :confused1: :s good question, i dont have an answer if u are going to be married very soon! but if there is still time, then i suppose u just give it some time and try to make that feeling go away and back to 'normal' and time will give u the answer....but if time is not on ur out there with a better answer???
  4. If you have doubts then maybe he's not the 1?
  5. I never had any doubts about marrying my husband. from the moment we met we were stuck at the hip from then on.
    if you are feeling worried maybe he isn't the one.
    Wishing you the best:flowers:
  6. My wife and I have been together for 7 years, I was nervous before my wedding but it was not about getting married, just from being up in front of a bunch of people. If you have doubts talk to someone you trust and respect (our parents have already been through this stuff so they are a great resource). If you are still feeling like you are not making the right decision talk to your future husband. I am guessing that you guys made the decision to get married together, so if things don't feel right you should make the decision to wait a while together as well.
    Just my 2 cents but marriage isn't the easiest thing that I've ever done. It has taken some work and a lot of give-and-take.
    I'm hoping things work out for the best
  7. Yes, I had that feeling when I was engaged in my 20's. I was too young & wanted to live life a little.
    When I met DH no never, I was 40. I just knew he was it & had no fear. I felt married long before the ceremony.
    Trust your gut, it'll never let you down.
  8. If you are having doubts please talk to someone, marriage has its ups and downs, I always believe that it's the love/chemistry that keeps you together even if you are having bad times. So you definitely should be looking forward to getting married, except I did have the jitters about having to stand up in front of a lot of people and being the center of attention.
  9. I'm engaged and have never thought that about my FH.
    Maybe you need to think about it!
  10. I never had doubts, but I was extrememly nervous!! Best wishes to you!
  11. I think there is a lot of stress in planning a wedding and things just kind of snowball out of control. You have all these people involved, usually parents telling you what to do......... I felt like I just had no control over any part of my wedding, all my choices were changed, it really was not my day.
    You might feel better if you could talk to someone.Maybe you feel deep down the wedding should not happen but are afraid to stop it. My friend had to take the pre-wedding classes at church and failed the classes with her future husband--then they had to go talk to the clergy for a few weeks and he still refused to marry them. In the end they did get married, but if you are feeling something you have to find out if it is just normal nerves or your instinct to tell you to get out of it.
    Good luck.
  12. So glad I eloped!!!!!:smile: And once I made the decision to marry my DH, I never had a second thought.. still the best decision I ever made:heart: Good luck to you~ I hope everything gets sorted out & you're very happy!
  13. I didn't. I would think that if you're freaking out, something's wrong.

    Maybe it's something like the whole wedding thing is too much for you, or you really don't want to get married.

    It may seem easier to just go through with it, but that's really not a good idea for anyone involved.
  14. Ok i'm not married and i'm in the flip side of the situation

    my take is that not everyone i know knows that the other person is THE ONE. Ask yourself if you are willing to risk losing this person from your life. if the answer is NO then it might be stress and jitters. if you don't know, i think you need more time perhaps.

    perhaps you're having doubts because of some concerns about the guy and i mean important fundamental stuff like being lazy, unreliable, lying tendency etc etc. is there something major about him that has been bugging you but you always kind of said its ok and everything else makes up for it? maybe it's still bugging you and it isn't really ok deep down in your heart.

    if the date is coming up and you feel you need more time then postpone it and work it out together. don't rush into the wedding coss it's all planned and at the same time don't just ditch the guy before you figure things out.

    let me know how you're doing! feel free to PM me anytime. good luck!!
  15. i have no advice bc i'm nowhere near ready to think about marriage, but i do wish you the best of luck. i agree with the above posts tho, trust your gut!