To all Mahina noir owners - leather Q

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  1. So the Mahina XL in noir is my HG bag! I got it today but I have a few issues with it. It's pretty much the last bag in Canada and I can't get it from the US (plus it costs more in the US now) so I wanted to see what everyone else's experiences are:

    1) Is your leather uniform throughout? I noticed that on the front, the leather is less pebbled and sort of striated, like there are little lines running along it.

    2) Is your perforation uniform? On the front, my perforation is very faint, though it shows up in pics. It's totally perfect on the back. Is this normal?

    The SA told me that like vernis, the Mahina is prone to differences because they only have 1 chance to get it right so some perforations may be deeper and others are fainter, but as long as they fall between a certain range, they are considered sellable and not defective.

    I'm not sure what to do - this is my HG bag but it cost a lot of $ and there aren't other ones I can choose from. Should I let it go?
    mahina xl 2.jpg
  2. Congrats on your bag .. to be honest I have looked at my mahina and am yet to use her:shame: If it worries you then return it and w.l for the smaller one:yes:
  3. If you get a chance can you please check for me? :flowers:I like the size of the XL because I am tall.
  4. Hi Jelly,

    My Gris Mahina is def. uniform on both sides in both the pebbling and the perforations. Can you post pics of both sides?
  5. I just double checked since I never really noticed anything wrong when i first got it. The leather and perforations are definitely uniform. I posted pics in the Mahina Club. Can you maybe post pics of what you're concerned about?
  6. Yes I will try but they don't show up well in pics. Only the striations are visible but that is what really drives me crazy.
  7. Here's a pic I posted of the front. If you look really closely, you can see the little lines that are running vertically along the surface. The back isn't like this. It's driving me nuts. Sadly, I think this bag has to go back.
    mahina front 2.jpg
  8. I think it is just the way the leather is, as leather always has some kind of imperfections. It is up to you, if it really bothers you return it and maybe they can locate another one for you. Know I have seen a few here in the states.
  9. I probably would be the same way...I'm so anal about my bags. And especially as much as this one would have to be perfect for me to be completely happy..I'm alittle nuts
  10. ^It is breaking my heart but it's also driving me nuts because this bag isn't cheap!
  11. If it bothers you now it will bother you later as well. I would return it.
  12. $3k is a lot to spend on something that even faintly bothers you. I'd get it exchanged or return it.
  13. I feel for you... I remember your thread from last week trying to decide what size... then they finally located the XL for you.... and now you have it and it's not perfect... you HAVE to return it... if you are like me, these things will bother you and you will get a pit in your stomach everytime you look at the bag.... if there are no more in Canada you will have to bite the bullet and look for one wherever they can find one.... but you HAVE to return it... sorry... Good Luck and keep us posted :smile:
  14. Wow thanks for remembering! Yes you're right. I have a bad feeling this was a returned item or didn't sell for the same reason I want to return it. I wish I liked white or bronze! It's coming out in those colours in the XL in March.
  15. you're welcome... you're thread caught my eye because I LOVE this bag... but cannot break down and spend the $ on it... I'm way too cheap!! I actually tried this bag on last monday in NJ.... so there are some out there... If you call 866# can't they locate it anywhere for you? or does it just have to be Canada? At this point wouldn't it be worth spending a little extra to get the one you want (and in perfect condition)? Don't settle... you can't....:tdown: