To all luxe ligne tote owners,

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  1. how do you like you bag? thank you.
  2. Good question! Anyone have it?
  3. Anyone? Thanks-
  4. i have it and its a fantastic bag.....soft, (the botton side of one of the 4 corners is kinda squished in now and i don't care at all, its part of the soft leather). The bag is classic/edgy, fits everything, and i love the brick red zippered "top" that closes it. Its lightweight also for a large bag. I think it will last for years and will never be out of style. Also, the diagonal zipper in the front looks great and thats where i put my cellphone (and i have a large model cell, not the chic little razor, so zippered compartment holds alot for what it is) :smile:

    mine is denimey/turquoisey blue antiqued quilted leather
  5. Can you please post pix of your beautiful tote Purse-onality? Thank you for your details about it.
  6. thanks Purse-onality.