To all LAdies who bought the RED JUMBO-

  1. Or any Red with the new chain.. Have you ladies carried your bags yet ?? DO you absoulutely ADORE it ? What colors do you pair it with, I wear mine with every color possible.. And if you have not carried it, why not.. I am so happy I got this bag.. I just love the new chain...especially after having 3 or 4 bags with the traditional- this is a great change.. I get lots of stares from other woman, one lady was like EEK you got one,, She was not lucky enough to get a hold of one.. I told her they were still floating around. Get it now, because in a month or so they are going to be EXTINCT and be on EBAY for hundreds over retail.. By the way did I mention I JUST LOVE MINE !!!!
  2. my mom got one and she will not put it down. she adores it and wears it with everything!
  3. I have one but won't use it till the Christmas holidays. I just don't carry a red bag unles it's December. So, this bag will be in great shape for a LONG time, lol.
  4. I have the red Jumbo and love it! No I have not used it yet because I'm waiting to wear the right outfit. I buy and just store in my closet. I'm trying to get out of that so I changed bags twice within the last 2 weeks.
  5. Just got mine lsat weekend and has been using it ever since. I love the color, just find the chain a bit noisy when picking it up.
  6. I've been wearing mine since I got it too. I got the medium, not the jumbo. It does go with everything! Maybe not pink, but I don't wear pink.
  7. Soudns hot We want pictures :biggrin:
  8. i looooove mine! i'm wearing it today for the 3rd time =D
  9. I was able to get the red jumbo from Saks in San Antonio. Love the color, love the chain, and love the size. It is great with jeans.
  10. I love my red caviar jumbo. I took it on a two day business trip to Florida and made sure that everything I took matched - lots of white and dark blue. I wore it shopping today with khakis and a black polo. I've worn it to work a couple times too. I love it! I never would have had one if I didn't see it on tPF many months ago. :smile: Thanks tPFers!
  11. I got the black jumbo,....I freakin ADORE the newer chain!

    I may have to get a red one too.....Mu HA HA HA HA!!!!
  12. Red was on my wishlist but then i thought it is too 'loud'. Now that i see this tread, i might consider getting a red and this time, louder 'JUMBO' with the loud new chain. about that?
  13. I :heart: my red jumbo!! I've only worn her out twice... once to dinner, and a second time shopping in NYC... some woman in Saks (in the Chanel handbag section) actually tried to purchase my bag haha, because I set it down in front of my on the counter while I tried on another bag... then asked me forever how I was able to get one, and where! I think the color is gorgeous, and the new chain adds a little something else... I'm sure they will be marked up beyond belief soon enough on ebay too, so grab one if you can! :smile:
  14. Ahhh... you girls are sooooo lucky!!! I want one so bad!!!! But was told my local CHANEL wouldn't get any red jumbo in.......:Push::yucky: